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Playing with colours!

Published November 29, 2015 by sarahsmith1988

Hiya all,

To some of you, you already know I have been away for quite some time due to maternity leave so to speak. I have been recovering from birth whilst also managing a newborn. Although I love my little bundle of joy there is one thing for sure I don’t miss and that is the sleep deprivation, the endless washing up and the new found scent of baby puke! But I ask myself would I change this? The answer is hell no! I secretly adore the late night feeds, the endless washing up and smelling of baby puke? Hmm Maybe not so much that side of things.

Another point I have to make is these days looking glamourous and makeup perfected to look like a supermodel are long gone, ok slight exaggeration there, as there will come a time when I can get back to spending hours in the bathroom.  So when and where I can I try my best to look my best.

Which brings me onto my makeup for the day.


I decided to add some colours, my mood in the morning was actually rather a good one. When I am in a good mood I love to add colours (A recent thing for me, as I was never the daring type and stuck to neutrals, but since i found experimenting with different styles rather enjoyable I stepped well out of my comfort zone, that’s what life is all about right? Stepping out of that zone) So here is what I did:

I first applied my foundation, starting off with a primer, then mixing together my favorite foundation and then my lightening serum. Once applied and blended well I then started with the eyes!

Step 1:

Applying the eye primer, so the shadow sits nicely on top and appears more bolder and vibrant I took a copper shade and applied it on the lids, blending out a little.


Step 2:

Taking a purple shade I then applied this on the crease of the lid and blending it upwards to about half way.

Step 3:

Taking a green eyeshadow, (or eye pencil) I then applied the shadow along the lower lashline. (I did dampen the brush so the colour applied more bolder.

Step 4:

Taking an eye pencil I then applied lined the upper lash line with a bold line adding a flick. Finally finishing off with some barry m dazzle dust no.27 to create a shimmer just below the brow bone, finally taking a white pencil I drew I line on the water line.

To complete whole face I applied my favorite mascara and blush before applying pink lip liner and lipstick!



The Orange Apeel…..

Published September 8, 2015 by sarahsmith1988

Ladies Listen up 

Ever Sat and looked in awe at someone’s make up wondered how it looks so smooth???

OR how it stays on all day when yours literally rolls off you face??? 

Or how they manage to hide all those imperfections you totally know they have 

I’ll let you into a little secret ……….

Check out my oranges

Can you guess?? 

orange comparasion bb cream

The secret is these two amazing products

  • Glorious eye and face primer 
  • BB flawless complexion enhancer 

Glorious eye and face primer really is the miracle that every woman needs to have in their day to day lives. Especially those who have been skeptical of primer’s and have not found the right one for them. Well, its right here!! in this fabulous tube. I have been searching high and low for a face primer that really works well with my skin and achieve that flawless look I am aiming for. I also wanted a primer that would help prevent oily breakout throughout the day! face and eye primer

Eye and face primer helps: 

  • Keep skin at bay during break outs 
  • Is a clear/gel type rather then a matte or lotion, giving it a more flawless/grease free absorption
  • Makes a huge difference when it comes to applying make up as the make up is more easily transferred to the skin and leaves it smooth. 
  • Only need a small sized amount (Pea sized) all over the face 
  • Imperfections and unevenness will be balanced 
  • Make up will apply much easier 
  • Looks smooth and even all day long, and will not melt! 

BB creamBB Flawless cream

  • Long lasting 
  • small amount is needed, so the product lasts a long time 
  • With just that small amount it enhances and softens skin, reducing redness dramatically 
  • No caked on feel
  • Light weight 
  • Cuts down the time needed to apply make up

Contour and hightlight: 

This seems to be a very popular make up trend at the moment. I personally recommend you to buy your normal skin shade for the highlight part and for the contour use one shade darker. I prefer the natural look and natural highlights so using only two shades will help achieve that.  

You can purchase these products >>HERE<< 

OR visit for further information on blog, journey, competition, products and more!! 

Just another heart breaker!

Published September 6, 2015 by sarahsmith1988

Heart breaker collection: FB_IMG_1440620380141

  • 2 moodstruck mineral pigment powders
  • 1 moodstruck 3D fiber lashes + 
  • 2 moodstruck precision pencils 
  • 1 touch mineral foundation pressed or cream 
  • 1 beach front bronzer
  • 1 stiff upper lip stain 
  • 1 younique make up bag

Just the perfect collection for all the heart breakers out there. This collection features the best of the best products that chosen wisely will break hearts! With the wide range of moodstruck mineral pigment powders there is colours to suit every need from sexy, flirty to seductive!! Each pigment powder is exploding with colour and intensity and guaranteed to make your eyes stand out from the rest!! Add the 3D fiber lashes + and your well on your way to making heads turn with the amazing volume and definition!!


Am I exaggerating? No, these products really do make miracles happen! They last a long time, and virtually party proof. Each product is easily applied and don’t irritate the skin. In my previous blog post I did a before and after of using the pressed powdered foundation, so you can see the results I achieved. 

If I had chose a product that I must have on a night out it would be the stiff upper lip stain (this was a hard choice as I would also of picked the moodstruck mineral pigment powder) But this lip stain is like no other I have tried. The applicator makes it so easy to apply and tends to keep the product in place so you can glide the wand nicely along the lips, it also dries matte, what I like best about the product is once it is dry and want more of a gloss look I apply clear lipgloss along the lips and makes them perfect for a nice shine! It lasts a life time and does not wear off! The lip stain is also buildable so you can add more layers for a more dramtic burst of colour! IMAG0294

if your planning a night out, or planning a special occasion this is certainly the collection you need! 

you can purchase this collection directly here OR visit for further information on competition, more about opportunity and products!! 

Concealer and Foundation Coverage…

Published September 6, 2015 by sarahsmith1988

My new Younique’s mineral touch pressed powder foundation and younique’s moodstruck mineral concealer correcter arrived in the post so I got set right away at applying the products so you can see the difference it makes to your complexion!


The mineral touch foundation comes in in a small round compact case which locks in place so the lid stays firmly shut. On opening their is a mirror and and a soft sponge applicator, separated from the product its self by a small clear plastic disk that flips up. I found this extremely handy for keeping the product separate from the applicator and the mirror so it all stays clean and mess free. the powder itself is light and when applied it feel so smooth against the skin. The soft sponge helps with even coverage and I dont get that caked on feeling. I also noticed that I don’t get shine, especially on the foreherad throughout the day when wearing! 


The moodstruck mineral concealer correcter comes in a handy tub with a sifter so the product does not get messy, you can tap out s much as you need or as little as you need for large or small coverage. It is the ideal product to apply prior to using the pressed powder foundation. Both these items work stunningly together.

My skin is combination, therefore I tend to have patches of dryness and patches of oil. Especially round the nose area and forehead! I applied the concealer first with the brushes doing this instantly made the redness around my nose and cheeks disappear and made my skin appear more even. The products its self is really light and does not cause any irritation to my skin!

As you can see from my before image my skin is uneven with redness. 


I then applied the pressed powder foundation with the sponge applicator provided, the product was very easy to apply and again light weight! 


Before concealer and foundation

After concealer and foundation! 

You can purchase these products directly here

To finish off this look, I would apply a subtle bronzer to the cheek bones and choose neutral coloured eye shadows and finish off with ombre style lips!! What do you guys think?? OR vist for further information on products and joining my team! I look forward to hearing from you!

The ultimate girls night out!!

Published September 5, 2015 by sarahsmith1988

Girls night out collection: FB_IMG_1440620396399

  • 1 moodstruck 3D fiber lashes + 
  • 1 moodstruck opulence lipstick 
  • 1 moodstruck precision pencil 
  • 1 moodstruck minerals pressed powder or cream foundation 
  • 1 splurge cream eyeshadow 
  • 1 precision brow gel or liner 
  • 1 younique make up bag 

The perfect collection to complete your night out do! From perfecting those eye lashes with the 3D fiber lashes + right down to the brow liner or gel. This has everything you need to compliment your outfit. This collection has a variety of the new launch products and some of the older line of products. I would say the best item in the collection is foundation, both liquid or pressed powder as they both are so light weight and provide an excellent coverage. The powder foundation is so fine and soft. When applied it goes on smoothly and feels great against the skin. When applied it feels like your skin can still breathe. Both are long lasting, I would say the pressed powder foundation is best for keeping the oil/shine from breaking out. When I apply foundation within a few hours you can start to see a shine forming on my forehead and nose. The pressed powder foundation seems to keep this under control better and prevent the shine look. Spent a life time trying to find a foundation that does just that!

touch mineral liquid foundation

The perfect product that gives your eyes the sure sparkle for a night out is the splurge cream eyeshadow, it is perfect for many reasons. It has a shimmery look and when applied it applies so smoothly and blends perfect with other splurge colours. it is also crease proof and long lasting, the product does not crease up either in the creases of your eye. To complete the perfect eyes the 3D fiber lashes + is the ultimate, can not stress enough mascara that will do wonders if you want volume, definition and wow factor!! With just a few coats you can achieve the false eye look with no mess and hassle. Ideal for nights out, so your not wasting all the time trying to apply false eye lashes.  Splurge minerals

The moodstruck precision eye liner (not included in the set) is an ideal product to have to create those wings when applying a dramatic flick on the eye line. The colours are vibrant and bold so you dont have to keep going over the eye line to achieve a stronger colour. The product is also creamy so it nicely glides across the eye line, keeping those lines neat and tidy! I also sometimes use moodstruck mineral pigment powders wet and apply with the liner/shader brush to get a strong shimmery eye liner. Really heightens and intensifies the look. 

Eye pigment packaging

The moodstruck precision lipliner is a fantastic strong colour that is easily applied and can also be blended a bit to create the ombre lip look. The lip liner prevents the lipstick from bleeding and adds a great finish. Opulence lipstick is so creamy and buttery rich it applies smoothly and lasts a long time so you can go on partying without worrying about those lips! They are available in so many amazing colours it will be hard to choose from! 

You can purchase the collection or items directly here OR visit for more information!!

Why you have to have The Essential Collection.. Well, its essential….

Published September 4, 2015 by sarahsmith1988

Essential collection contains: FB_IMG_1440620385725

  • 1 touch mineral foundation (cream or pressed) 
  • 1 moodstruck addiction palette 
  • 1 moodstruck 3D fiber lashes 
  • 1 lucrative lipgloss 
  • 1 refreshed pure and natural rose water
  • 1 divine daily moisturizer 
  • 1 younique make up bag 

This collection has all the ingredients gathered together for the essentials every woman must have! Each product is designed with care to give your skin the best treatment whilst giving you amazing flawless results. The touch mineral foundation pressed is so light and comes with an applicator and also a plastic cover keeping the product separate from the sponge, allowing you to apply the correct amount of product each time without adding to much, resulting in flawless even coverage. The moodstruck addiction palette is one of the new products just launched 1st September. I believe this to be the best product of the new line as each individual eyeshadow is silky smooth, crease proof and long wearing. They come in a range of different shades to really compliment each other. Their is a palette out there to suit everyone’s eye colour and shade desires! They blend very well with the other shades in the palette and are buildable, so you can either have a subtle look or a wild dramatic look depending on occasion/event.  

pressed powder

You also get the added bonus of the 3D fiber lashes thrown in the collection, this is a best seller of younique and a must have to anyone who loves long natural looking lashes without the drama and mess of false lashes. The mascara is very easy to apply and very easily removed. I love how this product has the ability to add more and more definition and volume with each coat to achieve your ultimate desired look. 3D fibre Advert

If you dont like or not to keen on lipgloss I can guarantee that you will fall in love with lucrative lipgloss! The gloss is rich in colour really highlighting those lips, yet it is not sticky, it is more creamy. the wand shape makes it easy to apply quickly and stays put for a long time without re applying. There is also the perk of a little side mirror so you can apply anywhere! 

Lucrative lipgloss colour chart 2

Refreshed pure and natural rose water has so many benefits to the skin, it is worth having as an essential. This rose water can even be used as a refresher in the summer days, a few sprays on the face and you instantly feel refreshed and vitalized. The product can also be used to set make up after applying, can be used to remove excess dirt and oil that remains in the pores. Used twice a day can help make the skin softer smoother. Also a great product to use after exercise to calm down redness in the face! Use along side younique divine daily moisturizer and your skin will love you! This product goes along way, as only a small amount is needed and it makes a difference to the skin immediately! Used over time and I noticed break outs were not as bad and my skin seemed to have a radiant complexion. With far less bumps. I tend to have a lot of dry skin on my forehead but with this product, it really helped get rid of the dry skin. Making applying foundation easier!rose water

 You can purchase directly from here 

Or visit for further product information and more about me! 

Pink smokey eyes… (with EXCLUSIVE OFFER)

Published September 4, 2015 by sarahsmith1988

How to use Younique’s products to create the perfect pink smokey eyes! 

all eyes on you collection make up remover clothes

face and eye primer

  • Use glorious face and eye primer to make the eye appear more healthy and active. paying specific attention to the lid and brow area. 
  • next apply a layer of curious on the eyelid to use as a base colour to begin with. 
  • Use deluxe eye brush to apply angelic all over the lids, leaving the inner corner out. 

deluxe brush

  • Next apply vulnerable on the outer corner V of your eyes and the crease, using the crease brush
  • Use innocent for under the brow bone and blend everything well using the liner/shader brush
  • Then add risque for the transition colour, which will also intensify the dark colour, use the same colour and apply to the bottom lash line.
  • Use moodstruck precision eyeliner to the eye line, for a more dramatic look make a wing with the eye liner eye pencils
  • Finally apply 3D fiber plus mascara for an enhanced look!! 

features of 3D

angelic eye pigment

angelic eye pigment

curious eye pigment

curious eye pigment

innocent eye pigment

innocent eye pigment

risque eye pigment

risque eye pigment

vulnrable eye pigment

vulnrable eye pigment

So where is the exlusive offer I mentioned in the title?? 

I am offering FREE shipping* if you would like to purchase any of the products from 

Just pop me an email at to discuss order, also if you just want further information on becoming a presenter or the products, you can ask me via the email address. I will be more then happy to help