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Miley Cyrus Inspired Make-up?

Published November 1, 2015 by sarahsmith1988

I have not updated my blog for quite some time now, mainly due to the sweet little cherub I am carrying making things slightly harder and uncomfortable for me! This little bundle also has a habit of sapping all my energy from the moment I open my eyes in the morning! I have been trying to finding the energy for experimenting with some more make up! and I must say I am missing those evenings browsing the internet for ideas and gathering up collections and must have makeup buys to place on pinterest!! 

However, last night I managed to pick up my phone and browse through some examples of makeup up from celebrity inspired. I didn’t intend to look for looks based on celebrities I just came across an article for a makeup tutorial based ona celebrity and thought I would search “Celebrity inspired makeup tutorials” 

I now have a few to work with in the up coming future, but the one I particularly tried this morning was “Miley Cyrus” inspired. 

Competed look

Why did I choose Miley? 

Well, if you type in google “Miley Cyrus Makeup” and image search you will see that her makeup is very more on the natural side and is rather minimal, which is ideal for an every day to day look. As they say less is more! She uses a range of bronze’s and neutral colours. Her eyelashes, however are often bold and strong. But I must admit I love bold and exaggerated lashes, the more enhanced the better. For her lips, she does tend to wear bold red which looks amazing against her pale skin tone and in my opinion has a wonderful lip shape! Whatever her lip shade she does rock it!  

I began with moisturizing my face and applying a face primer before mixing together a light foundation and b sweet popping candy highlighting serum. Mixed together with the foundation creates a lovely glow with a slight shimmer to the face, in my opinion it gives the face a different kind of youthful glow. I then used a slightly lighter colour of concealer under my eyes, on my nose, forehead and above the lip and blended well. I then took some translucent setting powder. This MUA setting powder and although it is a good product I would avoid it. It is highly messy and the product escapes from the pot round the edges. 


before and after foundation

Secondly I filled in my eyebrows with a light brown eye pencil, then going over the eyebrow with a eyebrow plumper gel. Once my eyebrows were filled I then applied eyeshadow primer onto my lids and blended. Selecting a shimmer colour that is close to my skin tone I applied all over my lids, but not above! Peachy colours, or champagne colours work well for light skin tones and gold bronze work well with dark skin tones. 



Taking a black eye liner I applied it on the water line of my eye then taking a dark eyeshadow (I used black) and a eyeshadow brush I applied the eyeshadow as close to the lower lash line as possible. I did not wet the brush as I often do as I didn’t want a strong bold liner. I then took a liquid eyeliner in black and applied as close to the upper lash line. 

To finish off the eye I used moodstruck fiber lash 3D mascara to create exaggerated lashes, I did take tweezers to my bottom lashes and gently twist them together to clump them a little to make them more bolder. Ideally I would use lash inserts to create a more dramatic effect. 


For the lips I used a nude lip liner and applied stargazer lipstick in a pale pink shade and to complete the look I used a pale peachy/pink shade of blusher and applied to the apples of my cheek! 

What is your favorite celebrity inspired makeup? and why? I would love to hear! 


Go Green For Envy!!

Published October 20, 2015 by sarahsmith1988

Today I needed some much deserved time out on my own, since I am a full time mummy with hands full. I managed to find a short escape in which I took advantage of and got myself down town where I took the pleasure in a good book at a coffee shop. But no girl can take a trip to town without checking out the makeup in stores! Which as always leads to purchases beyond our control. 

A sneaky escape

A sneaky escape

If it was up to me I think I would probably buy the whole store! However doing this would not be wise. So I stuck to a purchase in the region of £30 however I saved over £10 in savings and offers, therefore I feel less guilty about it. 

After my usual routine of coming home and making dinner, and getting the girls ready for bed, I settled down to try out some of the products purchased. (I did not do them all as the blog post will be a million words long) 

Sticking to my “strong vibrant colours” I decided to do green, a colour that not many can pull off and has to be done to perfection to look right (IMHO) I am waaaaay with a hundred A’s inserted out of my zone eeeek! But what the heck! Good things happen out of the comfort zone right? 

I first prepped my face, using fix and perfect primer (Rimmel) I loved the feel of this product, it was almost like silk and applied beautifully. It left my skin nice and soft, which made it easier to apply my foundation and of course my B popping candy highlight serum! This is the first time I have used primers. Over time I learn new things, remember I am starting out from the bottom with makeup, so I didnt really know just how much benefits primer’s have! I soon discovered this made a huge difference to the finish of my foundation. After applying foundation I began with the highlight and contouring. I didnt need a contouring kit, as I already had one, but I saw it and thought I may as well purchase it and test it out against my cream contouring palette. (This one is powder)  Collage of contouring kit


The product is “Define & Conquer Contour Kit” By “Seventeen” not a very expensive item at all, pretty much in everyone’s budget. I applied the product as started in the instructions and do I like? Hmm, not such a huge fan! I think this is down to always using cream based products, but I must say I do prefer creams to the powder. This is the first powder contour and highlight kit I have used so I may try another from a different brand and compare. But it did the job alright, you dont need a lot of product, but it is difficult to blend. Does take awhile to get everything blended so you dont have heavy lines remaining. IMAG0819

Now for the eyes! I used minimal products for this, I didnt want to use a lot of products with the shadow been green. Thought it may of looked a little over the top and dramatic! I first applied a primer, this was Exaggerate undercover shadow primer again by “Rimmel” I picked this up the same time as the face primer on my cosmetic haul in Boots! Again this left a lovely finish, silky and smooth. When i applied the white shadow base I instantly noticed a difference as the product appeared brighter! (So thank you to all the beauty bloggers out there who did reviews on primer, all your work paid off, I eventually listened, should of sooner!) Once the white base was applied I chose 3 different shades of green dark, medium and light of course and applied the darker shade to the outer corner of my eye and working my way inwards towards the tear duct with the shades and carefully blending them. pretty simple!


I then applied liquid eye liner (Please be aware I am a million times better at applying eye liner, but I unfortunately wear glasses and could not see, I couldnt get close to the mirror either, due to a huge baby bump! Dilemma’s everywhere! But you get the idea there!) Finishing off with mascara. I used my second favorite mascara this time round!! 

Feeling a little blue?

Published October 20, 2015 by sarahsmith1988

Ok, So I guess I am going a little crazy here and just going to head well out of my comfort zone and go for the most brightest, bold and vibrant colours out there! Let’s step well out of the comfort zone and start exploring the colourful side! 

B Sweet Popping Candy Highlighting Serum

B Sweet Popping Candy Highlighting Serum

I typed into google “party eyeshadow tutorial” specifically as party make up is often wild and out of the ordinary. Usually often thrown in the mix is lots of glitter and sparkle! What more could a girl want?? Bring on the sparkle!

Any way. I thought about the colour blue. I am not a huge fan of blue eyeshadow, it takes a certain skin tone, eye colour, hair colour to pull it off. I an remember back when I was 14 and I used to apply blue eyeshadow all over my eye lid and up to my brow bone with lots of cheap clumpy mascara and thought I looked amazing! Boy, how much do I cringe thinking back to them times. I avoided all blue shades after looking back at the memory. *Shudder* 

So today I am stepping massivly out of my comfort zone and going straight in with the blue.. However, this time a little more er, tamer! 


First thing first is I applied my usual foundation mixed in with B sweet popping candy highlighter. In my previous posts you will notice I mentioned this a few times this is a little tub of amazing pearly beads swamped in a mixture of clear gel once you press the pump the little pearl beads mix with the gel creating a lovely blob of sparkle! Mix it in with foundation and your face just glows like a brand spanking new face! Its amazing trust me! Best buy of the year for me. You can buy this from Superdrug (UK) priced at £14.99 however it is currently on offer for £7.49 so hurry! After applying this magic to my face and blending well I applied concealer under my eyes and blended using the blending bud. I sometimes add contouring and highlight but today I thought I would keep face products to a minimum, more due to the fact I was running out of time at this point and still had not applied my eyeshadow or filled my brows in!! IMAG0798

For my eyes I took a white pencil and coloured in the entire eye lid, blending well and a little over the crease to create a base. Taking a dark blue shadow (Mine was dark blue with shimmer) I thought using the shimmer rather then the matte would create more sparkle and wow! From the outer corner of the eye lid I applied the shadow to roughly about centre of my eye, and dabbed a little with finger to secure the shadow. Using the same eyeshadow I drew a line across my lower lash line and on the lash line. I did this to add intensity to the look. Finishing off with black eyeliner on the upper lash line, and a dab of barry m dazzle dust No.27 for the extra sparkle and then applying my favorite mascara! 3D fiber Lash Plus, never fails!


Published October 11, 2015 by sarahsmith1988

Love makeup and skincare?FB_IMG_1440620380141

If you love high quality makeup but can’t afford it or have never tried the products and would like to earn them fro free so you can try out the products. Then I have a simple opportunity for you that will get you earning those products for FREE! IMAG0710

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The party requires no effort and can easily be done in the comfort of your own living room with a glass of wine and in your PJs

So how does it work?

  The rewards you earn from hosting Younique Parties are calculated through a points-based system. Every product purchased from a Party contributes to the total amount of points. As a Party Host, all you need to do is share a special link with your friends on your favorite social media sites, via email, or even text it to them! Then, as they shop they’ll be able to see how many points their purchases are contributing, and how close you are to earning free and half-priced products. It’s simple and easy!

Stiff Upper Lip

Any questions and I will be more then happy to help you along the way 

Hair & makeup pick of the best

Published October 4, 2015 by sarahsmith1988


I have been excited to write this blog tonight, seems not so much of a big deal for some but trust me it is a huge deal for me! I have finally found a hair product that tames my hair and keeps it flat all day long without any stray hairs sticking up or frizz forming at the end! I have tried many brands previously but nothing seemed to of worked. From creams to moose to oils to natural round the kitchen products. I was almost about to give up on my “looking for a product that will make my hair appear tame mission” till I came across two life saving products that didn’t cost the earth to. I was so looking forward to putting these products to the test in desperation more then anything. IMAG0649

So what are these mystery products? They are both by TRESemme 

  • Renewal hair and scalp 60 second treatment 
  • Keratin smooth beautifying oil 

They were reasonably priced I bought the 60 second treatment on offer at £2.73 (normal price £5.49) so even when not on offer it is still a bargain for how amazing your hair feels afterwards with just one treatment! The keratin smooth oil was priced at £6.99. If you would like to try the 60 second treatment at offer price it is available in superdrug! 

The 60 second treatment promises to 

  • Instantly help nourish the scalp and renews your hair
  • Formula that helps nourish the scalp at the surface cellur level leaving your hair 3 times stronger!! 

I certainly noticed a huge difference when I applied this product and the next day I noticed a softer more shiny hair. The ends of my hair appeared more smoother ( I often dye my hair and apply alot of heat to it from hair dryers, straighteners and curlers, but who doesn’t) So my hair is rather brittle but his product brought it back to life again.  

The keratin smooth beautifying oil promises to

  • Provide easier to hair hair 
  • Protect hair 
  • Leave hair soft, super shiny and super smooth 

Does it check all these boxes, yes!! After straightening my hair I apply some of this to my hair dry and it leaves it all day flat and frizz free. I also apply it after the shower whilst my hair is still damp and style it. May hair has never felt better. 

I would say these products are recommended for people who dye their hair alot and use a lot of heat appliences. Also people with  hair that cant be tamed like myself would get great results from using these products for sure.

Hair before and after products

Hair before and after products


I have never really been to daring with blue eyeshadow’s, I guess its due to how much the blue stands out from the rest of the colours, it is certainly more noticeable and with blue eyes I prefer to steer away from blues. Is there such thing as to much blue? Also another thing I have steered away from is face contouring It looked far to complicated and far to scary to try. I love make up and having an even coverage, but I have pretty much started out on my makeup journey properly and really only ever stuck to the simple look’s and basic foundation’s but recently since selling makeup and starting this blog I have really started getting out of the comfort zone and been as daring as possible. 

So tonight embarked on my first basic contouring. Just simple contouring that suits most people (according to the youtube video I followed to create this contour) It promised an easy guide for the ones who have no idea what they are doing. Any way I followed it to exact and wishing I had a better camera at the time of taking the before and after photo’s!! IMAG0669

With the contouring done I moved swiftly onto my eye shadow colours, making this up as I went along, still in my experimenting phase of things! 

  • I first applied a white eyeshadow on each eye lid and also below the brow line. Creating a base for the blue shadow to sit nicely to avoid the shadow resting in the creases. 
  • I then took a pale blue shadow and applied a little in the centre of the eye lid 
  • Taking a shade darker blue, I then applied it next to the light blue (working outwards) Then finally taking a dark navy blue to finish off at the outer corner of the eye. 


  • I then applied eye liner normally along the lash line and finishing off in the crease of the eye lid to about three quarters inwards towards the inner corner of the eye and blended slightly. Just to create a bit of an intenser look. I am still debating weather this was a wise choice! 
  • I then applied mascara as normal

collage = contouring

Two tone eye shadow? What are your thought’s?

Published October 2, 2015 by sarahsmith1988

I have never really been the one for two tone eye shadow’s. I saw one tutorial many moons ago with a pink and purple. it did look alright, but never really experimented with different colour’s. I recently came across a post that created a two tone eye shadow, so the thought of giving it another go spring into mind. 

I think with two tone eye shadow it is important to choose colour’s that match your out fit well and occasion. Also drawing attention to the shadow its self. You ideally want colours that go well together and blend well. Depending on the look you are aiming to achieve subtle colours are also recommended. 

I tried with pink and purples. I am currently in a pink, purple mood recently so seem to be experimenting with these two colour’s in different ways. 

What I used: IMAG0617

  • stargazer “plush purple”
  • stargazer “funky fuchsia” 
  • barry M dazzle dust No15 
  • moodstruck precision pencil eye liner 
  • 3D fiber lash mascara 

The two tone shadow effect is one of the easy tutorials to follow, making it an ideal party look, using vibrant colours or even a subtle look using neutral shades such as browns or bronzes. I used dazzle dust to finish off for under the lower lash line and dabbed a small amount in the crease of the eye lid to create a nice shimmer effect. I also thought of adding glitter cream shadow along the lash line for a liner to create a party look. 

Step 1: 

I first applied “funky fuchsia” from the inner corner of my eye up to the middle of the eye lid 

Step 2: 

I then applied the next colour “Plush Purple” along the other half of the eye lid. Taking a shader brush I then blended the colours together in the middle slightly. 

IMAG0618Step 3: 

Finishing off the look I applied the eye liner “precision eye liner in perfect” to create a small flick, using a blending brush ever so slightly with small sweeps upward from the eye liner to tone down the definition a bit of the black. Depending on look you want to achieve you can go straight across the lash line, with a added flick or just a straight line. Try experimenting with different colours, shimmers or glitters. 

I then applied mascara as normal 

Metallic Eye shadow.. A new found love?

Published September 23, 2015 by sarahsmith1988

From a young age I have always loved make up, I would wear wild colours of brightly colours that completely clashed with each other, and looking back on photographs I cringe at the site of me! But at the age of eleven, who can blame me? I am sure there are a lot more out there that did the exact same thing with their friends and thought they knew all about make up and colours and what goes with what. As I grew older I learnt which colours did go together and wore more neutral tones. But that was as far as my limits stretched. I didn’t experiment with metallic’s, or glitter or even colours! I stuck to the norm, till recently when I started to run my own cosmetic business. I decided to experiment and research trends to really expand my knowledge. Hand on heart I don’t really have a clue so I am learning from the bottom in order to help along side my business. ATT_1443040201557_IMAG0559

So, back to the subject. Metallic eyes, these seem to be popping up in every article for fall/winter 2015 from soft shimmers to major full on smokey eye with high impact glitter! 

For a soft metallic approach, if your not as daring for the full on look, is creamy bronze shadow’s and can even be created by just using one product. Softer bronze looks are easier to wear day and night 

For shimmer lovers who want to embrace their wild party self try applying a shadow that has a pearlescent sheen all over the eye lids and in the inner corner, blending downwards just under the eye. This really makes the eyes shine and sparkle! Making this ideal for a night out! 

I decided to experiment with metallic’s adding shimmer and dark colours. Dark colours are out of my comfort zone as I am not as daring as I’d like to be with drawing attention to my eyes. But since I am on an experimenting daze. I am making a few exceptions. 

Tonight I used: 

  • Barry M dazzle Dust No 27
  • B sweet Popping Candy highlighting serum 
  • B creative Art Addition Vol 2 – Eye essential night 
  • Moodstruck addiction Palette 3 – cheeky
  • Mineral Touch Pressed powder – Scarlet 
  • Minerals concealer – Fabulous 
  • Divine Daily Moisturizer 
  • 3D fiber Plus Mascara 

First of all I applied the divine daily moisturizer, this works amazing as a base for easy blending of the mineral concealer and powder foundation. I used upwards strokes from neck, working my way upwards. I then applied the B sweet popping candy highlighting serum. This was a spontaneous purchase whilst looking at eye shadow palettes but I must say it is very strange. It is a clear gel like formula with little peach pearl beads in. I bought the product more to the fact it looked strange and sounded great. The description says “bursting pearls of illuminating pigment encased in a light weight hydrating serum. Instantly brightens and improves your complexion for a beautifully dewy, youthful finish”

B Sweet Popping Candy Highlighting Serum

B Sweet Popping Candy Highlighting Serum

I must say this product really works. I applied it after the divine daily moisturizer then added a small amount of popping candy serum onto the palm of my hand and blended the product into the skin, topping off with my normal concealer and powdered foundation. My face instantly appeared lighter, even with a slight hint of shimmer. 

I then started off with the eye shadow. I used Barry M dazzle dust as a base, I have just fell in love with applying shadows and pigments wet as I find they apply easy and look more vibrant. However this dazzle dust does not apply well wet, so avoid trying to use wet. But does however apply amazing dry. I used the tip of my finger and dabbed a small amount all over my eye lids and into the inner corners of my eyes. 

Barry M Dazzle Dust No 27

Barry M Dazzle Dust No 27

I then dabbed my brush into some water and patted dry so the brush was slightly damp. Dabbing the brush into the eye essential palette “Chelsea” I went on to apply over the eye and towards the brow bone, blending the colour in to get an even finish. For the centre of my eye lid I applied “Kensington” (From the same palette) dabbing the shadow outwards. for the outer corners

B creative Art Addition Vol.2 Eye Essentials - night

B creative Art Addition Vol.2 Eye Essentials – night

I then added “cheeky” from the moodtruck addiction palette 3 on the outer corners of my eye lid’s. 

To finish the eye I added moodstruck precision eye pencil “Perfect” and applied the B Longer Mascara (Included in the art addition set) However I did coat one eye with my favorite mascara 3D fiber lashes mascara just so you can see the definition of the mascara.

B Longer Mascara

B Longer Mascara