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Getting the perfect contour and highlight

Published September 10, 2015 by sarahsmith1988

I mentioned briefly in a previous blog post about highlight and contouring, so thought I would write about how to contour and highlight and share a tutorial video of how to do it correctly to really make your face perfect!

So, what does highlight and contour do? Highlight and contour enhances the cheekbones, slims the face, also giving the face shape to certain area’s and enhances facial structure. Highlight and contouring the face is not meant to be noticeable, it is meant to give the face a subtle definition. highlight and contour set

I would stick with matte products rather then shimmery products. To avoid to much shine and shimmer, as this does not look natural. 

Don’t be tone deaf! Lots of people contour with a bronzer and this is not recommended, unless you have tanned skin. You need to find something that creates the illusion of an actual shadow. 

Customizing your complexion using powders you will get more of a matte finish. Creams will appear more dewy, however using creams are ideal for beginners as they tend to blend in more easily and can build them easier. Using an angled cream brush to hit under the cheek bone and jaw bone, making sure you cover the area well.

The type of brushes used are important to get an even clear finish, starting with a small fluffy eyeshadow brush will help for more precision, always use two brushes, one for highlight one for contour. Introducing a fan brush is great for feathering the products into the hair line, under the jaw line and around the cheekbones for an airbrushed finish. Hard lines are never a good look therefore use a regular foundation brush or a damp egg sponge and tap it into the contour to make sure there is no demarcation.brush set

Remember to make sure the products are blended in well this is a must! Once blended in well, apply a peachy pink blush on the apple of cheeks, and add a luminizer just on the top of the cheek bones, down the bridge of the nose and a hint on the chin for a super fresh skin look!  

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Struggle for perfect brows? Look no more!!

Published September 9, 2015 by sarahsmith1988

Suffering brow trouble? unruly hairs? sparseness? Gaps?

Enhancing the brows can help beautifully frame the face and balance features to ensure you put your best face forward every day!  

If you struggle with the above problems I have the perfect solution that will help you get those stubborn eye brows perfected within minutes! precision brow gel and liner set

Younique came up with 2 genius dermatologically approved beauty must haves for effortless red carpet brows.

Moodstruck Precision Brow Liner: 

  • Retractable lead pencil with spoolie brush, helps define, fill and shape the brow perfectly 
  • Perfectly mimics actual brow hair thanks to a 1.7 mm lead brow liner lead (4 times smaller then a wooden pencil) 
  • Rich in color and long wearing formula which resists fading and smudging 
  • Styled brows are effortless with built in spoolie brush for easy shaping and colour blending 
  • Fortified with antioxidants, vitamins E and C 
  • Availble in 3 shades, light (blonde to light brown hair) Medium (Medium to dark brown hair) and dark (dark brown to black hair) Precision brow liner photo

Brow Gel:

  • Colour infused fiber gel brushes on to create the appearance of thick lush brows 
  • Brow volumising formula contains buildable fibers, similar to the fibers in the moodstruck fiber lashes + 
  • Creates naturally looking, styled brows whilst filling in gaps and volumising sparse hairs.
  • Water resistant 
  • Formulated with squalane, main ingredient in uplift eye serum to condition the hairs 
  • Tapered brush for effortless and precise blending and shaping precision brow gel photo
  • Also available in 3 shades

You can purchase the products >>HERE<< 

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The Orange Apeel…..

Published September 8, 2015 by sarahsmith1988

Ladies Listen up 

Ever Sat and looked in awe at someone’s make up wondered how it looks so smooth???

OR how it stays on all day when yours literally rolls off you face??? 

Or how they manage to hide all those imperfections you totally know they have 

I’ll let you into a little secret ……….

Check out my oranges

Can you guess?? 

orange comparasion bb cream

The secret is these two amazing products

  • Glorious eye and face primer 
  • BB flawless complexion enhancer 

Glorious eye and face primer really is the miracle that every woman needs to have in their day to day lives. Especially those who have been skeptical of primer’s and have not found the right one for them. Well, its right here!! in this fabulous tube. I have been searching high and low for a face primer that really works well with my skin and achieve that flawless look I am aiming for. I also wanted a primer that would help prevent oily breakout throughout the day! face and eye primer

Eye and face primer helps: 

  • Keep skin at bay during break outs 
  • Is a clear/gel type rather then a matte or lotion, giving it a more flawless/grease free absorption
  • Makes a huge difference when it comes to applying make up as the make up is more easily transferred to the skin and leaves it smooth. 
  • Only need a small sized amount (Pea sized) all over the face 
  • Imperfections and unevenness will be balanced 
  • Make up will apply much easier 
  • Looks smooth and even all day long, and will not melt! 

BB creamBB Flawless cream

  • Long lasting 
  • small amount is needed, so the product lasts a long time 
  • With just that small amount it enhances and softens skin, reducing redness dramatically 
  • No caked on feel
  • Light weight 
  • Cuts down the time needed to apply make up

Contour and hightlight: 

This seems to be a very popular make up trend at the moment. I personally recommend you to buy your normal skin shade for the highlight part and for the contour use one shade darker. I prefer the natural look and natural highlights so using only two shades will help achieve that.  

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Completely Moodstruck!

Published September 7, 2015 by sarahsmith1988

Moodstruck collection: FB_IMG_1440620392469

  • 1 moodstruck addiction palette 
  • 1 moodstruck 3D fiber Lashes +
  • 1 moodstruck opulence lipstick 
  • 1 moodstruck minerals concealer 
  • 1 stiff upper lip stain 
  • 1 moodstruck precision pencil 
  • 1 lucrative lipgloss 
  • 1 moodstruck minerals pressed blusher 
  • 1 younique make up bag 

have you guessed a theme with this collection yet? The collection brings together all the best products from the moodstruck range! Each product in the set adds towards perfecting the face and enhancing your features. This collection does not contain as many new products as the other collections, but they do contain everything you need for a flawless appearance. Each product is highly pigmented and have strong colours when applied such as the moodstruck addiction palette, opulence lipstick, lip stain, precision pencil and the blusher. These are especially good for creating a strong burst of colour to your look. All products are also buildable, so you intensify the colour with each layer to suit desired look. The best asset of the moodstruck opulence lipstick and the precision pencil is that they both have a creamy texture, so when applied they tend to run smooth along the lip surface, making it easy for blending in with each other or with other colours for ombre lips. for example.

Addiction palette pic

Moodstruck minerals pressed blusher, is one product that really does go along way. You only need to apply a small amount on the brush to achieve a subtle stroke of colour, you can of course add more if you want your cheekbones highlighted and stand out more. The blusher comes in five different shades to compliment your skin or contrast if your feeling daring!


You can purchase the items or collection directly here OR browse my website for further information about products, competitions and more!! 

Just another heart breaker!

Published September 6, 2015 by sarahsmith1988

Heart breaker collection: FB_IMG_1440620380141

  • 2 moodstruck mineral pigment powders
  • 1 moodstruck 3D fiber lashes + 
  • 2 moodstruck precision pencils 
  • 1 touch mineral foundation pressed or cream 
  • 1 beach front bronzer
  • 1 stiff upper lip stain 
  • 1 younique make up bag

Just the perfect collection for all the heart breakers out there. This collection features the best of the best products that chosen wisely will break hearts! With the wide range of moodstruck mineral pigment powders there is colours to suit every need from sexy, flirty to seductive!! Each pigment powder is exploding with colour and intensity and guaranteed to make your eyes stand out from the rest!! Add the 3D fiber lashes + and your well on your way to making heads turn with the amazing volume and definition!!


Am I exaggerating? No, these products really do make miracles happen! They last a long time, and virtually party proof. Each product is easily applied and don’t irritate the skin. In my previous blog post I did a before and after of using the pressed powdered foundation, so you can see the results I achieved. 

If I had chose a product that I must have on a night out it would be the stiff upper lip stain (this was a hard choice as I would also of picked the moodstruck mineral pigment powder) But this lip stain is like no other I have tried. The applicator makes it so easy to apply and tends to keep the product in place so you can glide the wand nicely along the lips, it also dries matte, what I like best about the product is once it is dry and want more of a gloss look I apply clear lipgloss along the lips and makes them perfect for a nice shine! It lasts a life time and does not wear off! The lip stain is also buildable so you can add more layers for a more dramtic burst of colour! IMAG0294

if your planning a night out, or planning a special occasion this is certainly the collection you need! 

you can purchase this collection directly here OR visit for further information on competition, more about opportunity and products!! 

How to get Ombre Lips!!

Published September 5, 2015 by sarahsmith1988

What you need: 

  • You’re fav lipstick
  • Darker shade lip liner (or darker lipstick and brush) 
  • Shimmery light coloured powdered eye shadow 
  • Small flat brush that you can wash 

I used a unbranded lipstick

younique moodstruck precision lip liner “pompous” 


Younique moodstruck mineral pigment “sexy”

Step 1:

First apply lipstick as normal, dont worry if it is not perfect as this corrects later on 


Step 2:

Line you’re lips with the darker coloured lip liner (or lipstick) paying special attention to the corners of your lips.


Step 3:

Blend liner into the medium coloured lipstick by drawing really short feathery strokes from the outside in. 

Step 4:

Add the highlight, take the brush and light eye shadow powder and dab a little right in the middle of your lips and upper lip, then blot out using your finger tip. The eye shadow powder gives the look of light, or a really bright shimmer. 


If I want my lips to be the main feature, I apply a subtle bronzer to my cheeks and use neutral colours for my eyes, this way my lips will stand out! 

You can also experiment with other colours for example: Orange, red and gold would go really well for a sun set theme or different shades of pink for a romantic look, reds and golds can also be used for a christmas theme. You can go as daring as you want to, or as subtle as you want! 

You can purchase youniques products directly here OR visit for further information on the cosmetic and skin care range! 

1st September has just got exciting….

Published August 31, 2015 by sarahsmith1988

As a presenter for younique, I could not help but get excited about the new product line, with been a presenter I got first sneak peek at what is to offer, and I am excited to purchase these items!! They certainly are a beauty must have and an ideal line of products to blog about! Things are just hotting up right now and I can September been a fantastic month! Not to Mention the 4th been my Birthday (Where I will receive a special gift voucher on my birthday each year for just been a presenter) I shall be taking advantage of this and buying some of the new range! 

In this entry I shall share my secret with you, of what is launching 1st September

You can purchase the products directly here

Moodstruck addiction Palette: 

Addiction palette pic

Take it from serene to extreme:

  • 7 crease resistant shades
  • fade resistant
  • Long wearable
  • Buildable colours that allow you to crank up the intensity with just a drop of water. 

brush set

How to apply: 

1- Use angled shadow/sponge brush to create your own personal look

2- Apply dry for adjustable colour coverage, dampen brush to unleash high density of colours and textures. 

3- Mix and match colours and textures.

What is your colour?

Palette 1 – Warm with neutral tones


Palette 2 – cool, with black and silver shades


Palette 3 – cool, with pink and purple shades


  • 3D Matte texture
  • Silky smooth pearl texture
  • Metallic shimmer texture 

Made with NO: 

  • Gluten 
  • Soy
  • Parabens
  • latex
  • PABA 
  • BPA 
  • Nano particals 

Moodstruck Precision Brow Gel: 

The must have brow product, its nourishing fiber gel formulated with up lift eye serum. Shapes and tames existing brows, filling in and thickening sparse areas. 

precision brow gel photo

How to Apply: 

1- Comb gel through your eyebrows to blend and build

2- Gel will hold all day, to keep those eyebrows perfect!

What is your colour? 

light brow gelmedium brow geldark eye gel

light                                   medium                            Dark

The moodstruck brow gel is deigned with squalane, which is the primary ingredient in up lift eye serum, there is also added fibers which fill in sparse areas and tame full brows. Each brow gel is also water resistant and buildable to achieve your desired look.

  • No gluten 
  • soy 
  • latex
  • PABA
  • Paraffin  
  • fragrances 
  • parbens 
  • sulfates 
  • nano particles 

Moodstruck Precision brow Liner: 

Defines and shapes the brows with rich, smudge proof and long wearing colour. You can fill in the gaps with the fine tipped pencil that mimics the appearance of tiny hairs, creating a natural looking yet styled eye brows. 

Precision brow liner photo

How to apply: 

1- Brush your eyebrow hair upwards with the spoolie end of the liner 

2- Draw a thin line along the hair line of your upper and lower arches 

3- fill in any gaps or sparse areas with short, hair like strokes and groom the colour through your brows with spoolie. 

What is your colour: 

light eyebrow PENCILmedium BROW PENCILdark BROW PENCIL

light                                   medium                            dark 

  • precision tip 1.7mm diameter lead, perfectly mimics brow hair for natural effect
  • Spoolie brush allows easy blending and expert shaping 
  • Exacting care, demagogically tested and approved 
  • No gluten, parabens, soy, fragrance, sulfates, latex, nano particles, PABA, paraffin

There is also 3 more products you can check out by visiting and follow the pages to NEW PRODUCTS!