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Go Green For Envy!!

Published October 20, 2015 by sarahsmith1988

Today I needed some much deserved time out on my own, since I am a full time mummy with hands full. I managed to find a short escape in which I took advantage of and got myself down town where I took the pleasure in a good book at a coffee shop. But no girl can take a trip to town without checking out the makeup in stores! Which as always leads to purchases beyond our control. 

A sneaky escape

A sneaky escape

If it was up to me I think I would probably buy the whole store! However doing this would not be wise. So I stuck to a purchase in the region of £30 however I saved over £10 in savings and offers, therefore I feel less guilty about it. 

After my usual routine of coming home and making dinner, and getting the girls ready for bed, I settled down to try out some of the products purchased. (I did not do them all as the blog post will be a million words long) 

Sticking to my “strong vibrant colours” I decided to do green, a colour that not many can pull off and has to be done to perfection to look right (IMHO) I am waaaaay with a hundred A’s inserted out of my zone eeeek! But what the heck! Good things happen out of the comfort zone right? 

I first prepped my face, using fix and perfect primer (Rimmel) I loved the feel of this product, it was almost like silk and applied beautifully. It left my skin nice and soft, which made it easier to apply my foundation and of course my B popping candy highlight serum! This is the first time I have used primers. Over time I learn new things, remember I am starting out from the bottom with makeup, so I didnt really know just how much benefits primer’s have! I soon discovered this made a huge difference to the finish of my foundation. After applying foundation I began with the highlight and contouring. I didnt need a contouring kit, as I already had one, but I saw it and thought I may as well purchase it and test it out against my cream contouring palette. (This one is powder)  Collage of contouring kit


The product is “Define & Conquer Contour Kit” By “Seventeen” not a very expensive item at all, pretty much in everyone’s budget. I applied the product as started in the instructions and do I like? Hmm, not such a huge fan! I think this is down to always using cream based products, but I must say I do prefer creams to the powder. This is the first powder contour and highlight kit I have used so I may try another from a different brand and compare. But it did the job alright, you dont need a lot of product, but it is difficult to blend. Does take awhile to get everything blended so you dont have heavy lines remaining. IMAG0819

Now for the eyes! I used minimal products for this, I didnt want to use a lot of products with the shadow been green. Thought it may of looked a little over the top and dramatic! I first applied a primer, this was Exaggerate undercover shadow primer again by “Rimmel” I picked this up the same time as the face primer on my cosmetic haul in Boots! Again this left a lovely finish, silky and smooth. When i applied the white shadow base I instantly noticed a difference as the product appeared brighter! (So thank you to all the beauty bloggers out there who did reviews on primer, all your work paid off, I eventually listened, should of sooner!) Once the white base was applied I chose 3 different shades of green dark, medium and light of course and applied the darker shade to the outer corner of my eye and working my way inwards towards the tear duct with the shades and carefully blending them. pretty simple!


I then applied liquid eye liner (Please be aware I am a million times better at applying eye liner, but I unfortunately wear glasses and could not see, I couldnt get close to the mirror either, due to a huge baby bump! Dilemma’s everywhere! But you get the idea there!) Finishing off with mascara. I used my second favorite mascara this time round!! 


Contouring experiment…

Published October 7, 2015 by sarahsmith1988


No makeup

I have recently been intrigued by this whole contouring businesses, but I must say I am rather behind since this is a trend that has been around for awhile. I never really took an interest in it till quite recently. As stated before starting a makeup business has really pushed me into experimenting more with make up and finding out what works best for my skin and face shape. I am also going ahead with a beauty course, to learn makeup professionally as well as beauty treatments. Lets just say, starting this business has really made me open my eyes to what I enjoy doing the most. 

After a few hours of searching for video’s and articles based on contouring I came across a video that was simple to follow and using more shades then my previous blog post. Making it slightly harder and more challenging for myself. 

To start off with I applied a liquid foundation, this is because the contouring kit was cream and as advised by the video if your using a cream contouring kit, be sure to use a liquid foundation. Using a blending bud I then dabbed the foundation on lightly as you dont want to much product on, must remember the cream contouring kit also needs to be applied. You want it to look natural not caked on! After applying the foundation I then applied the liquid concealer under my eyes and again blended the product in by dabbing. 

I then moved on to the contouring lines!! 

After applying all the contouring lines and leaned back to have a proper look my first thoughts were “This is not going to work” I looked like I just randomly painted on lines which make no sense and could not see how these colours would blend in afterwards to create or even resemble a natural looking “glow” 

After some hesitation I blended in the lines and hoped for the best. I followed the instructions down to exact (Except from the colours as I had a different palette and brand) 

After blending the contour lines

After blending the contour lines

My over all opinion of contouring is that I do love the effects you can create with contouring, just by using different shades and certain colours you can really makeup your face to look amazingly flawless and cover up any problem areas. How ever I do find the whole process very time consuming and it does take some time to perfect. It is tricky to get right. I used a cheaper end of the market contouring kit so I guess this does not help. Next in line with contouring I shall be trying the Anastasia Beverly hills contouring kit as I have heard many great reviews about this brand of makeup, especially the contouring kit! 

I would love to hear your thoughts on contouring and what are your best contouring brands/products? xox


Purple Sparkle…

Published September 28, 2015 by sarahsmith1988

So in the post arrived my cream sparkly eye shadow palette’s I bought two palettes one in purple shades and another in grey/silver shades. I also came across some stargazer shadows which I always associated with gothic look or very strong neon colour’s that were not really suitable for every day wear. However I did come across some shimmer shadow they do with an amazing variety of colour’s to choose from.

So after a bit of debating with myself which to try first, I thought I would try out the purples and have a go at seeing what worked best for a look you could pull off day and night.

What I used:

  • IMAG0593 B sweet candy popping highlighting serum (New found love)
  • Bourjois Paris healthy foundation 
  • NYX Royal Violets 
  • Stargazer Plush Purple 
  • Maybelline Wake me up concealer
  • 3D Fiber Plus Mascara
  • Moodstruck precision eye liner “perfect”  

Step 1: I applied a layer of B sweet by first applying the product to a sponge applicator and applying evenly across my face making sure it is nicely blended with even coverage. Once I have achieved this I applied the concealer to specific areas that needed targeting such as redness and breakouts, using the tip of my finger I carefully blended in the concealer to create the even coverage. Once all look even I dampened a foundation brush and applied the foundation directly to my skin working in circle motions, again to make sure the product is finely blended. 

Step 2: Using the precision pencil I drew a line from the outside corner of the eye and then drew a thin black line just beyond half way. I then thickened the corner of the eye and make a shadow effect in the corner. Taking the stargazer shadow I then applied the purple to my eye lid (I did dampen the applicator a little so I got a more vibrant look) Taking the NYX palette I then added the darkest shade of purple across the top of the stargazer shadow for the sparkle.IMAG0599

Step 3: To finish off I added eye liner to the lash line and underneath I used the lightest purple shade from the NYX palette to create a subtle liner below. Completed with 3D Fiber plus mascara!

My over all opinion of the NYX cream palette Royal violets is that they do make your eyes stand out more and do add the added sparkle effect which is great for an occasion you desire, however I did find them a little hard to apply as they did clump in places and took awhile to spread the product out evenly. but a bit of patients and you can create the desired look you want. I also found when removing the product it was a bit like removing sand, so I applied some moisturizer on my skin afterwards, especially the eye area. But they did the job nicely and not to bad if your on a budget. 


The stargazer shadow is another to be added onto my favorite list. I love how strogn the colour is and how nicely it was applied, they are also very blendable and manageable and you dont need a lot of the product either. So it is long lasting. I like how it leaves a subtle shimmer to the eye! 

How to perfect the face with final touches

Published September 15, 2015 by sarahsmith1988

step 3

Touched pressed powder foundation tips: 

  • BONUS – If you have acne skin be sure to pay close attention!! You will really appreciate this technique when applying powdered foundation.
  • Take the compact and a large powder brush, holding the brush horizontally, gently work the sides of the bristles into the powder with short, swift, back and forth strokes.
  • Repeattedly press the pwder/brush bristles on to your face with slight rolling motion to give an even deposit of foundation on the skin. This is an easy non messy way to even out roughly textured areas like patches of pimples and dark blemishes. This way will also allow you to build desired coverage without flaky or caked on look. 
  • Follow with a light dusting of powder in your regular manner. 


beach front bronzer tips: 

  • Using either a contour brush or a rounded face brush, apply product just under the cheek bones then blend upwards onto the cheek. 
  • You can also apply along the temple and the top of your forehead for a sun kissed glow. 

Mineral Concealer tips: 

  • For hiding blemishes, use a brush like the crease brush so you can really blend the product for natural coverage, since your working with powder you will find this trick will make application much easier and quicker. 
  • For under eye darkness use a little moisturizer and allow the product to dry before applying concealer, you want the skin to be hydrated, yest dry to avoid streaking. 
  • Pat concealer powder under your eyes with a concealer brush and blend upwards towards the hair line 
  • Less is more, powder concealer covers beautifully so you only need a small mount when you first apply the product. You can build later if you need more coverage. mineral concealer

Mineral pressed blusher tips: 

  • Sweep blush from the ear down to the cheekbone, towards the mouth.
  • Add a little blush to the chin and blend it well to make your face appear longer
  • For long faces, apply blush on cheek bones below the outer corners of the eyes and blend well. Be sure the blush never extends lower then the tip of the nose. – The online store for professional makeup! 

Find you’re match and rock it!!

Published September 14, 2015 by sarahsmith1988

We all love a flawless face, and the technology of foundations and concealer made it possible to cover imperfections, uneven skin tone and dark circles to really enhance the face and make us glow! Some foundations and concealers can do our skin more damage then good. The product may give us flawless skin, underneath the product is harming our skin.FB_IMG_1442154708893

We need to be careful when selecting certain products, to make sure they dont contain harsh chemicals and create future skin problems. We also want a product to be light weight and long lasting, a product that combines flawless, light weight coverage and is friendly to our skin all together! 

The first step is finding a concealer.Touch mineral skin perfecting concealer provides a perfect light weight base, using only a very small amount to cover the whole face, so the product lasts a long time whilst giving you so many benefits. Skin perfecting concealer provides all day long protection to every day weather and can stand heat, so no more melting! 

touch mineral skin perfect concealer

The BB Flawless complexion enhancer enhances and softens the skin reducing redness dramatically. Skin perfecting concealer is very light weight almost bare, so you dont get that caked on feel. This products sets a perfect base, reducing time it takes to apply your makeup! 

Touch mineral liquid foundation is the perfect product to finish off the flawless look. You can also use the touch mineral cream foundation, depending on your personal preference. The benefits of a cream foundation is that it provides a medium coverage whilst leaving a non oily finish. It is also breathable, long lasting and no caked on feel. The product also comes in a handy compact lockable box with a plastic separator that separates the product from the mirror and the sponge. The mineral liquid foundation has the added benefit of “Juvenessence” which is a unique and powerful marine based algae extract that helps the skin look younger, firmer and radiant. The enhanced liquid to powder foundation allows for a smooth, even application and blends well, completely bluring the appearance of skin imperfections. 

For a list of ingredients of any of the products they can be found on 

Mineral cream foundation

Get FREE makeup…

Published September 14, 2015 by sarahsmith1988

If you love makeup, and are just as passionate about make up as I am, you do not want to miss on this opportunity. You can get your hands on some high quality professional makeup items just by simply been on social media. FB_IMG_1440620380141

All you have to do is set a party and doing this is completely 100% FREE (you will receive my email address once the form is filled, takes about 3 minutes top. With that email you can get in touch with me) I can also guide you what to put in your party event to help boost your sales and get your rewards. 


You then set up an event on facebook, and invite all your friends and family to the party. Or if they are not on facebook they can still purchase items through the website. With every purchase made you EARN CASH to spend on make up of your choice. Also more party points equals half price items for yourself! Saving you £££s 


visit for further information on party rewards, and what you can earn for free! 

Concealer and Foundation Coverage…

Published September 6, 2015 by sarahsmith1988

My new Younique’s mineral touch pressed powder foundation and younique’s moodstruck mineral concealer correcter arrived in the post so I got set right away at applying the products so you can see the difference it makes to your complexion!


The mineral touch foundation comes in in a small round compact case which locks in place so the lid stays firmly shut. On opening their is a mirror and and a soft sponge applicator, separated from the product its self by a small clear plastic disk that flips up. I found this extremely handy for keeping the product separate from the applicator and the mirror so it all stays clean and mess free. the powder itself is light and when applied it feel so smooth against the skin. The soft sponge helps with even coverage and I dont get that caked on feeling. I also noticed that I don’t get shine, especially on the foreherad throughout the day when wearing! 


The moodstruck mineral concealer correcter comes in a handy tub with a sifter so the product does not get messy, you can tap out s much as you need or as little as you need for large or small coverage. It is the ideal product to apply prior to using the pressed powder foundation. Both these items work stunningly together.

My skin is combination, therefore I tend to have patches of dryness and patches of oil. Especially round the nose area and forehead! I applied the concealer first with the brushes doing this instantly made the redness around my nose and cheeks disappear and made my skin appear more even. The products its self is really light and does not cause any irritation to my skin!

As you can see from my before image my skin is uneven with redness. 


I then applied the pressed powder foundation with the sponge applicator provided, the product was very easy to apply and again light weight! 


Before concealer and foundation

After concealer and foundation! 

You can purchase these products directly here

To finish off this look, I would apply a subtle bronzer to the cheek bones and choose neutral coloured eye shadows and finish off with ombre style lips!! What do you guys think?? OR vist for further information on products and joining my team! I look forward to hearing from you!