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Sea Blue/green with Blue’s and Purples

Published October 25, 2015 by sarahsmith1988

I have not done much in terms of researching, try and testing different makeup products these days due to been 38 weeks pregnant and juggling my life around my already existing children! Boy, has this been a busy week. But yet very exciting I shall have my new arrival in my arms on the 5th November, what a truly magical day. Whilst the skies are lit with fireworks I shall be having my own little firework been brought into this world! 

I some how managed to squeeze in the time to try out the sea blue/green with hints of blue and purple. This is not what the tutorial was called that I followed. The tutorial was based on using a colour wheel to find which colours would go well together and blend nicely. It was a very useful article to read.

Please excuse the heeadphones! I love listening to my music loud as I get ready in the morning, and this is the only way I can get away with it haha! Listening to great tunes, gets me ready and in the mood to take on the day! 

sea blue step collage

Before I got started with the eye shadow, I applied my moisturizer, face primer, foundation and concealer and prepping my eyes with eyeshadow primer before setting to work with the colours.

I applied NYX white crayon “Milk” all over my eye lid and blended well up to about half way point of my eyebrow bone, also blending outward from the tear duct, this is so I can highlighting the inner corners of my eye. Help them stand out more! I then chose my three colours I was going to work with I chose a sea blue/green (similar to Turquoise) For the inner corners of my eye, carefully patting the eyeshadow brush along to about half way across the eye lid, also taking the colour along the lower lash line, starting from the tear duct slightly and blended a little with my finger by dabbing.


Taking a blue (dark) I used a tiny amount and dabbed where the sea blue/green finished. only need a small amount as didnt want to much of the dark blue added. Again, using my finger I blended it in with the previous colour. Finally I used a purple which I took to the outer eyelid and right across the crease of my eye lid, blending above the crease line as I went before finally taking the purple below my lower lash line to meet up with the sea green/blue!

I finished off with a streak of gel eye liner and a subtle mascara! I could of gone further, by adding some glitter along the eye lid and using a more dramatic coating of mascara to create more of a party makeup do. But since as I did this in the morning I stuck with been a bit more subtle.



Purple Sparkle…

Published September 28, 2015 by sarahsmith1988

So in the post arrived my cream sparkly eye shadow palette’s I bought two palettes one in purple shades and another in grey/silver shades. I also came across some stargazer shadows which I always associated with gothic look or very strong neon colour’s that were not really suitable for every day wear. However I did come across some shimmer shadow they do with an amazing variety of colour’s to choose from.

So after a bit of debating with myself which to try first, I thought I would try out the purples and have a go at seeing what worked best for a look you could pull off day and night.

What I used:

  • IMAG0593 B sweet candy popping highlighting serum (New found love)
  • Bourjois Paris healthy foundation 
  • NYX Royal Violets 
  • Stargazer Plush Purple 
  • Maybelline Wake me up concealer
  • 3D Fiber Plus Mascara
  • Moodstruck precision eye liner “perfect”  

Step 1: I applied a layer of B sweet by first applying the product to a sponge applicator and applying evenly across my face making sure it is nicely blended with even coverage. Once I have achieved this I applied the concealer to specific areas that needed targeting such as redness and breakouts, using the tip of my finger I carefully blended in the concealer to create the even coverage. Once all look even I dampened a foundation brush and applied the foundation directly to my skin working in circle motions, again to make sure the product is finely blended. 

Step 2: Using the precision pencil I drew a line from the outside corner of the eye and then drew a thin black line just beyond half way. I then thickened the corner of the eye and make a shadow effect in the corner. Taking the stargazer shadow I then applied the purple to my eye lid (I did dampen the applicator a little so I got a more vibrant look) Taking the NYX palette I then added the darkest shade of purple across the top of the stargazer shadow for the sparkle.IMAG0599

Step 3: To finish off I added eye liner to the lash line and underneath I used the lightest purple shade from the NYX palette to create a subtle liner below. Completed with 3D Fiber plus mascara!

My over all opinion of the NYX cream palette Royal violets is that they do make your eyes stand out more and do add the added sparkle effect which is great for an occasion you desire, however I did find them a little hard to apply as they did clump in places and took awhile to spread the product out evenly. but a bit of patients and you can create the desired look you want. I also found when removing the product it was a bit like removing sand, so I applied some moisturizer on my skin afterwards, especially the eye area. But they did the job nicely and not to bad if your on a budget. 


The stargazer shadow is another to be added onto my favorite list. I love how strogn the colour is and how nicely it was applied, they are also very blendable and manageable and you dont need a lot of the product either. So it is long lasting. I like how it leaves a subtle shimmer to the eye! 

Just a short and sweet update

Published September 11, 2015 by sarahsmith1988

Is now up and running complete with online store for all your beauty needs 😀 

Wide range of cosmetics, cosmetic brushes, tools, skin care and more!! 

I would highly appreciate any feedback regarding website! 

Thank you


Step 4 – Colour those fabulous eyes!!

Published August 28, 2015 by sarahsmith1988

step 4

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eye pencilscolour chart eyeliners

All eyes on you collection pigments colour pigment chart

The big question is…. How to chose the right eye shadow pigment to really highlight those eyes? 

When choosing the right colour to apply, you need to put in mind 

  • Hair colour 
  • Skin complexion 
  • Skin tone 
  • Eye colour 

Eye Shadow for different eye colour: 


brown eyes

  • Purple shades 
  • Neutral 
  • bronze, grey and beige for perfect smokey eyes
  • copper
  • greens
  • aqua
  • silver
  • gold
  • Coral
  • Blunt orange 

blue eyes


  • Orange
  • Dark brown 
  • Cool colours, such as pale pinks, violet, purple, pale medium blue,
  • midnight or deep blue
  • Turquoise 
  • Netural shades


green eyes

  • Beige 
  • Peach 
  • Tan 
  • Gold 
  • Plum
  • Green 
  • Coral 
  • Cream 
  • Violet 
  • Caramel 
  • khaki 
  • Mocha 

Eye shadow for different skin tones: 

Fair skin: 

Stay away from dark grey colours and aim for soft greens, cool pinks, purples, golds, medium grey, light brown and pale greens. These coulours help to compliment your skin tone and you’re eyes without standing out to much. The whole focus should not be on you’re eyes. As this can ruin the over all look you are trying to achieve. To contour choose eye shadow colours a few shades darker then your skin so it does not overwhelm the eyes. Using a grey or brown eye liner will go together perfectly, black can be used but making sure the colour is not to bold. 

Dark skin: 

Dark skin tones can use shades such as coral, soft greens, light browns, pink, taupe, ivory, bronze. These colours will provide a subtle natural look and really compliment the skin tone. 

Cool Skin tone: 

With a cool skin tone use silvers, dark greens, lilac, teal, turquoise. 

Different hair colours: 


dark brown hair

use blacks, browns, purple, yellow, green, golds and neutrals


blonde hair

Use greys, pinks, blacks, blues, green and golds


red hair colour

black, pink, gold and olives. These colours will go together nicely as red hair is quite a dramatic colour. Therefore will really highlight your hair as well as your eyes. 

Handy tips: 

  • Chose a set of eye shadows that will compliment each other well 
  • Wear according to time and event. Night outs aim for shimmery, or glittery eye shadows and for casual office/work aim for matte eye shadows. 
  • The brightest/lightest eye shadows can be used for the entire eyelid and hint of colours are blended on various areas of the eye
  • Experiment with different colours and combinations 
  • Begin with small amounts and increase gradually for desired look, better to have to little then to much. 
  • Always buy the best high quality eye shadows, cheaper brands tend not to apply nicely. Or colours apeear different on application. 

It’s time to Pucker Up!!

Published August 26, 2015 by sarahsmith1988

The next collection is “Pucker up” This collection contains all you need to make your lips completely stunning in every way. Make them vibrant and stand out from the crowd. I find this collection ideal for a night out!

You can purchase this collection directly by clicking >>HERE<< 

Pucker up collection:

❤ 2 stiff upper lip lip stain’s

❤ 2 luctative lip gloss

❤ 2 moodstruck precision pencils

❤ 1 precision pencil sharpner

❤ 1 younique make up bag

What do I love about the collection products??

First, I must mention the stiff upper lip, this is a must have product in every make up collection. This was amoungst one of the first products I tried and tested and instanly fell in love and now wear it often.

❤ Long lasting

❤ Smudge proof

❤ one application lasts all day

❤ quick application, no mess, no hassle

❤ Can apply more layers for a more dramtic look

The product also dries within seconds and provides a matte appearance, sometimes I use a clear gloss over the lipstain for a more of a shine look rather then a matte.

The lucrative lipgloss is also another of my favorite lip products, I have used many lipglosses and not found one like this! The colour is very bold, has a lot of colour pigment in the gloss and I love the shape of the wand, as it is designed for easy application. Also has the added bonus of a mirror on the side of the gloss so you can quick apply anywhere.

❤ long lasting product

❤ Does not irritate my lips

❤ very strong in colour

❤ non sticky

❤ applys smoothly and hassle free

Moodstruck precision pencils are ideal for creating those dramatic eyes and lines. Each colour is very bold and makes a statement!! Your eyes literally just stand out a mile!!

❤ long lasting

❤ creamy

❤ apply nice and easy

The precision pencil sharpener is not like many other brands as the sharpener sharpens the pencils in a rounded tip rather then a sharp point.  Features a built-in shavings catcher and purple cleaning wand.

pencil sharpener

Little known ways to get fabulous eyes with little effort by just changing one product….

Published August 21, 2015 by sarahsmith1988

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I love experimenting with make-up. I used to apply make up on my dolls as a child and eventually myself. Most of us are probably familiar with this the little pallets of children’s “toy” make up we used to get, usually came with a large head with long hair you could style and put make up on. Was probably about the age of 15 when I really got into make up. Was not till now I decided to take that up a level and sell makeup, as well as enjoying the benefits of trying and testing products myself, and passing on the amazing benefits to my friends and family. 

I have recently tried another product of younique’s and that is splurge cream eyeshadow. I have tried many cream eyeshadows and majority of them went in the bin!! They seemed to gather up in the crease of my eye lid as the day went on and was no longer visible. After trying Younique’s products and all of them been fantastic, I decided to purchase some and review them. The results were AMAZING!! Splurge minerals

❤ Shimmery, providing a perfect sparkly to my eyes. 

❤ applied smoothly and easy without any hassle 

❤ Lasted all day long with no creasing in site!! 

For an enhanced experience I used Younique glorious face and eye primer, creating a smoother base. The cream eyeshadow brush was a bonus and perfectly designed, the brush picked up enough of the product for an even application. The brush glides easily over the eye lids leaving a even layer quickly with little effort. The consistency of the splurge cream eyeshadow is almost like a mousse, light and not heavy.  


All about today’s look a MUST have product…

Published August 20, 2015 by sarahsmith1988


Today I woke up and prepared my skin with my usual younique divine moisturizer. I applied this evenly on my face and neck and the went on to create my hair style for the day. 

Once I allowed the moisturizer time to soak into my skin and do it’s job I then completed my make up. But the one product I want to highlight is younique’s stiff upper lip stain. I am not even sure there is a word to describe how amazing this product is. (This is why I love my job so much! I am in my element right now with trying and testing all the products and so far all have just been totally fantastic!!)

The lip stain is available in 7 different shades

stiff upper lip chart

  • Shy, this is the lightest shade, which is a nice light pink
  • Sappy, Shade up from Shy making it a perfect daily colour. 
  • Skittish, bright, fun and perfect for Spring, this colour suits both pale and tanned skin tones. 
  • Saucy, red in colour
  • Sultry, cranberry colour 
  • Sleek, brown/plum colour 
  • Savy, purple colour 

Why you need Younique’s stiff upper lip in YOUR life right now!!!

❤ You can kiss endlessly, smooch-proof

❤ Long lasting 

❤ You can drink from a glass without leaving a mark on the glass

❤ No reapplying 

❤ Can apply more coats for a more vibrant and dramatic colour 


Helpful tips to consider: 

* For dry chapped lips use a toothbrush to exfoliate the skin as you want the lips to be smooth as possible to avoid patchy coverage. 

* Make sure lip stain is DRY before applying another coat. 

* If you do not like the matte finish look then you can apply a clear lip gloss or balm over the top to give the lips a bit of a shine. 

* Apply on bare lips, no balm or residue before applying. This will make the product go on even and dry nicely. 


How to remove the lip stain: 

Apply some petrolum jelly or chap stick and allow a few minutes then wipe off, alternatively you can use a make up remover cloth or eye make up remover pad. 

Would like to state with rubbing, as you may have to rub a little to remove the lipstain off is to nourish the lips with lip balm afterwards to prevent damage to the lips.