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Feeling a little blue?

Published October 20, 2015 by sarahsmith1988

Ok, So I guess I am going a little crazy here and just going to head well out of my comfort zone and go for the most brightest, bold and vibrant colours out there! Let’s step well out of the comfort zone and start exploring the colourful side! 

B Sweet Popping Candy Highlighting Serum

B Sweet Popping Candy Highlighting Serum

I typed into google “party eyeshadow tutorial” specifically as party make up is often wild and out of the ordinary. Usually often thrown in the mix is lots of glitter and sparkle! What more could a girl want?? Bring on the sparkle!

Any way. I thought about the colour blue. I am not a huge fan of blue eyeshadow, it takes a certain skin tone, eye colour, hair colour to pull it off. I an remember back when I was 14 and I used to apply blue eyeshadow all over my eye lid and up to my brow bone with lots of cheap clumpy mascara and thought I looked amazing! Boy, how much do I cringe thinking back to them times. I avoided all blue shades after looking back at the memory. *Shudder* 

So today I am stepping massivly out of my comfort zone and going straight in with the blue.. However, this time a little more er, tamer! 


First thing first is I applied my usual foundation mixed in with B sweet popping candy highlighter. In my previous posts you will notice I mentioned this a few times this is a little tub of amazing pearly beads swamped in a mixture of clear gel once you press the pump the little pearl beads mix with the gel creating a lovely blob of sparkle! Mix it in with foundation and your face just glows like a brand spanking new face! Its amazing trust me! Best buy of the year for me. You can buy this from Superdrug (UK) priced at £14.99 however it is currently on offer for £7.49 so hurry! After applying this magic to my face and blending well I applied concealer under my eyes and blended using the blending bud. I sometimes add contouring and highlight but today I thought I would keep face products to a minimum, more due to the fact I was running out of time at this point and still had not applied my eyeshadow or filled my brows in!! IMAG0798

For my eyes I took a white pencil and coloured in the entire eye lid, blending well and a little over the crease to create a base. Taking a dark blue shadow (Mine was dark blue with shimmer) I thought using the shimmer rather then the matte would create more sparkle and wow! From the outer corner of the eye lid I applied the shadow to roughly about centre of my eye, and dabbed a little with finger to secure the shadow. Using the same eyeshadow I drew a line across my lower lash line and on the lash line. I did this to add intensity to the look. Finishing off with black eyeliner on the upper lash line, and a dab of barry m dazzle dust No.27 for the extra sparkle and then applying my favorite mascara! 3D fiber Lash Plus, never fails! 



Purple Sparkle…

Published September 28, 2015 by sarahsmith1988

So in the post arrived my cream sparkly eye shadow palette’s I bought two palettes one in purple shades and another in grey/silver shades. I also came across some stargazer shadows which I always associated with gothic look or very strong neon colour’s that were not really suitable for every day wear. However I did come across some shimmer shadow they do with an amazing variety of colour’s to choose from.

So after a bit of debating with myself which to try first, I thought I would try out the purples and have a go at seeing what worked best for a look you could pull off day and night.

What I used:

  • IMAG0593 B sweet candy popping highlighting serum (New found love)
  • Bourjois Paris healthy foundation 
  • NYX Royal Violets 
  • Stargazer Plush Purple 
  • Maybelline Wake me up concealer
  • 3D Fiber Plus Mascara
  • Moodstruck precision eye liner “perfect”  

Step 1: I applied a layer of B sweet by first applying the product to a sponge applicator and applying evenly across my face making sure it is nicely blended with even coverage. Once I have achieved this I applied the concealer to specific areas that needed targeting such as redness and breakouts, using the tip of my finger I carefully blended in the concealer to create the even coverage. Once all look even I dampened a foundation brush and applied the foundation directly to my skin working in circle motions, again to make sure the product is finely blended. 

Step 2: Using the precision pencil I drew a line from the outside corner of the eye and then drew a thin black line just beyond half way. I then thickened the corner of the eye and make a shadow effect in the corner. Taking the stargazer shadow I then applied the purple to my eye lid (I did dampen the applicator a little so I got a more vibrant look) Taking the NYX palette I then added the darkest shade of purple across the top of the stargazer shadow for the sparkle.IMAG0599

Step 3: To finish off I added eye liner to the lash line and underneath I used the lightest purple shade from the NYX palette to create a subtle liner below. Completed with 3D Fiber plus mascara!

My over all opinion of the NYX cream palette Royal violets is that they do make your eyes stand out more and do add the added sparkle effect which is great for an occasion you desire, however I did find them a little hard to apply as they did clump in places and took awhile to spread the product out evenly. but a bit of patients and you can create the desired look you want. I also found when removing the product it was a bit like removing sand, so I applied some moisturizer on my skin afterwards, especially the eye area. But they did the job nicely and not to bad if your on a budget. 


The stargazer shadow is another to be added onto my favorite list. I love how strogn the colour is and how nicely it was applied, they are also very blendable and manageable and you dont need a lot of the product either. So it is long lasting. I like how it leaves a subtle shimmer to the eye!  



My Top 3 Picks …..

Published August 22, 2015 by sarahsmith1988
So I am just heading into my 3rd week as a younique presenter and as I said before I am loving my new found journey with Younique. I love passing all this information on to others and sharing my journey with you all about my life as a presenter with Younique, the fantastic rewards and the amazing products.
I started off first with purchasing the products. It really did not take me long to fall in love with them and join as a representivte. I can clearly say this is one Job I love doing. All the blooging, sharing and excitiment is just wonderful.
So, back to the title, “My top 3 picks”
This was a very hard choice for me as I would of put all of the products in my top list. But I thought I would challenge myself a little and only give a limit of 3 products that I could possibly not live without (Slightly dramatic I know, but who could possibly live without these 3 products *wink wink*
My first prouct choice is “Divine Daily Moisturizer”
This product really chose it’s name well as it is just pure Divine, it is absoloutely amazing and does wonders for my skin. I have always had a problem with moisturizers, I have combination skin type so some patches are oily and other patches are dry, my nose suffers most with oil and my forehead tends to be rather dry. With trying and testing other younique products which have been fantastic I thought I would give the moisturizer ago.
The key benefits:
❤ Non greasy
❤ Works instantly
❤ suits all skin types
❤ airless pump
The airless pump feature is great as the pump means the natural products is less lilely to degrade due to exposure to the air, therefore fewer additives and perservitives are added, keeping it as natural as possible. As lets face it, we dont want to be putting nasty chemicals on our skin that can do more damage then good.
The only draw back to the product’s pump is it can take a lot of pumps before the product dispenses, but once it has the product then works fine afterwards. Just remember to keep the product up right once arrived to prevent any more air bubbles forming.
Divine moisturizer also has added benefits, and can help with:
❤ stretch marks
❤ dark circles
❤ puffy eyes
❤ dry skin
❤ wrinkles
❤ acne
❤ eczema
❤ scarring
❤ keratosis pilaris
❤ rosecea
❤ psoriasis
You can save £££ with the “radient beauty collection”

My next top pick is Younique stiff upper lip:
I adore this product, it truly is amazing and lasts a long time. kiss proof, smudge proof, perfect. You can apply layers ( I advise you wait for the product to dry before applying another layer) to create a bolder more vibrant colour. Or you can use a little by scraping some of the product off then apply to lips for a more gentle tone in colour. It is not time consuming to apply. Just a few even sweeps across your lips and you are ready to go as the product dries within seconds. It goes from wet to matte in seconds! If you dont like the matte look just apply some clear lip gloss over your lips and you get a fantastic glossy finish.
Benefits of stiff upper lip:
❤ dries fast
❤ long lasting
❤ vibrant colour
❤ smudge proof
❤ quick applying
…. and my final top pick has to be 3D fiber plus mascara!!
Just wow wow wow wow and wow!!
this was the first product I tried with younique that made me fall instantly in love with the products. I was very skeptical at first, as many would be when you hear about an amazing products that can extend eyelashes, we have heard it so many times, tried them then binned them. But this product really does live up to its name and promises. I first tried with one coat and that was enough to instantly see amazing results. I then went daring and tried 3/4 coats and each time was like wow!! How big can they go haha.
Benefits of 3D fiber plus mascara:
❤ easy to apply
❤ stay put all day long
❤ very easy to remove
❤ mess free
❤ provides very long lashes
❤ natural ingredients

Feel FANTASTIC all day long, my secret…

Published August 19, 2015 by sarahsmith1988


There is nothing I like more then waking up feeling refreshed and ready to go. How ever I know that not every day is like this. Sometimes I can just hop out of bed, others not quite that way. 


But the one thing I can rely on is a good make up brand! This is essential to feeling great and looking fabulous!! Cheaper make up brands will not look so good and feel uncomfortable. 

So first things first. I apply Divine Daily Moisturizer this is a fantastic moisturizer, suitable for all skin types and delivers hydration. I love this moisturizer as you only need a small amount on it blends in easily into the skin, leaving skin feeling soft and smooth. It is not oily does not remain on your hands. After a few days of use I found that the dry skin on my forehead had cleared, and made a massive improvement to appearance when applying foundation.

IMAG0285For my eyeshadow, I used younique mineral pigments in shade:

❤ corrupted

❤ curious 

❤ confident 

❤ sexy 

These eye pigments are 100% natural, mineral based pigment powders consisting of finally crushed minerals that bong to the skin offering a long-lasting, sweat proof coverage. High quality and do not contain talc or other unnecessary filler ingredients.

What was highly good about this product was the fact you could use it wet as well as dry. Using the mineral pigment wet created a more dramatic impact of colour. Which was great for parties and nights out. Using the minerals dry made it easier for a blend of colours, and gave a softer look. More suitable for work or leisure. 


For the best possible results, I apply Younique’s glorious face and eye primer all over face and eyelids prior to using mineral pigment eyeshadows. 

My recommendations for colours are: 

❤ green and hazel eyes: try shadows and liners in the purple family, neutral shades make green eyes pop.

❤ Blue eyes: Deep navy and other blues make blue eyes appear brighter.

❤ Brown eyes: can wear just about any hue and neutrals with red and brown undertones really enhance darker eyes.IMAG0282

I then complete my eyes with precision pencil in the shade “perfect” These eyeliners really are bold and dramatic in colour and are great to apply. I then apply younique 3D fiber+ mascara (A product I am completely in love with!!) 


And… finally the lips, I used Lucrative lipgloss in “luxe” The best features of this gloss, is it is non-sticky and does not irritate my lips. Its long lasting and also has a mirror on the side of the tube. It has a creamy texture rather then sticky, and applies very well. 

Now you can get GREAT CONFIDENCE just by…..

Published August 18, 2015 by sarahsmith1988

Changing your make-up brand and/or doing something outside the box that you can work around your current job or lifestyle 🙂 

Yes just as simple as that. 🙂 

I first heard of younique when I was browising my facebook newsfeed and I came across a post asking for recommendations for a mascara that would define their lashes and make them look longer. A lady then commented “I swear by youniques fiber lashes” I had never heard of fiber lashes before which got me pondering, so I did some looking online and made a purchase. I was, I must admit skeptical at first of the product working, there is a lot of mascara’s out there in the market but not really living up to their claims and promises. When the mascara arrived I tried it out and I was AMAZED by how much volume and length was instantly added by just one coat!! This was when i fell in love with younique. I was HUNGRY for more products to try. This is what embarked me on my journey with starting as a younique presenter. I wanted to SHARE with everyone just how much younique has changed my out look in just a very short space of time. (6 days to be exact) 

When I signed up to younique I recieved a presenter kit, just like below:


It comes with enough fantastic products to try and really get to know younique’s products. After a few days experimenting with the products I fell in love with the products. I had many compliments when out and about of how I seemed to be “glowing” friends would comment on my skin and often ask what I use. I was in my ELEMENT!! I couldn’t wait to get started (I had a delay in starting as my laptop had to be in for repair) So in the meantime I was just having fun experimenting with the products and researching what I needed to know about starting my business with younique. 

Sooooo barely a week in my new journey, I can say so much has changed, and surprisingly in such a short space of time. Evenings are no longer filled with sitting about in front of the TV or pondering about wondering what to do. I am now fully focused in the business and making new friends in the process. I join in live video training sessions ((optional of course)) and have a laugh whilst sharing make-up ideas and marketing tips. I now research marketing and set myself small targets each day. They don’t have to be long list’s just 4 targets to complete that will help grow your business. By doing the research and really putting the effort in I made my first sales. Which I got paid within 3 hours 🙂 the money went into my business account ready to be spent eeeeek!! 

But, what really made the difference for me was my CONFIDENCE. Confidence was something I lacked in. I suffer from depression and some days are just unbearable for me. I knew I needed to do something to help myself but I could not get motivated. With been a younique presenter it really gave me a focus point, it was knowing each day I had small tasks to complete and this gave me the starting point to break away from been shy and quiet and really get out there. 


(lucrative lipgloss in lovestruck)

It is great when I go outside and friends/family comment on how well I am looking and how “radiant” my skin looks. With feeling confident on the outside by changing my make up brand to younique and the added bonus of compliments it gave me the MOTIVATION I needed to get out there more often, instead of been in doors. It has been a real mood booster and does give that extra push in the right direction to work hard at this.



If you require ANY INFORMATION on becoming a presenter or on the products please feel free to send me an email at: 


I shall look forward to hearing from you 🙂 xoxox

Who else want’s voluminous eyelashes WITHOUT the mess of false lashes???

Published August 15, 2015 by sarahsmith1988



Like many other women out there I have tried and tested various mascara’s that have promised benefits such as “volume” “length” “definition” Some have also claimed to give the dramatic false lash look. I have discovered that the only way I could get the dramatic eyelash look was to apply false eyelashes. Applying false eyelashes became a bit of a headache for me due to the messy adhesive. I also found false lashes difficult to apply correctly and sometimes giving to much of a super dramatic look. Removal of false eyelashes could sometimes be difficult after a long evening out. Often I pulled at my own lash hairs which could be uncomfortable.

I soon discovered a solution to my problemfeatures of 3D Younique 3D fiber lashes+ This is the very mascara that lead me to starting my journey as a younique presenter. I was highly impressed with the product, that I wanted to share and inspire others.

So what is the big hype?

Younique 3D fiber lashes+ was

  • Easy to apply
  • had a deep rich colour
  • coats easy
  • 400% average volume enhancement results
  • ophthalmologic tested and approved
  • added benefit of uplift eye serum
  • squalane, vitamins E&C, enzymes and emollients
  • Nourishes and conditions the lashes

These are my personal results with just one coat:




IMAG0236_1[1] IMAG0234_1[1]

After experimenting with the mascara and some research I learnt a few tips and tricks to get the best out of the 3D fiber lashes+

  • The insert says apply over regular mascara, I personally decided not to use a regular mascara underneath as it tended to clump a bit more, which gave a uneven appearance. But if you must use a regular mascara underneath I would highly recommend using a lengthening mascara and not a thickening)
  • Careful not to use to much fibers/gel when applying. When using the gel for the first time, a lot can get on the lash brush, I recommend scraping a bit off. Build up the layers, rather then attempting to achieve the volume and length in one coat.
  • Let the fibers set long enough, so they have time to stick to the gel, not allowing this time the fibers will stick to the wand.
  • Use method
  • 1 GEL EYE 1
  • 2 GEL EYE 2
  • 3 FIBERS EYE 1
  • 4 FIBERS EYE 2
  • 5 GEL EYE 1 (TO SET)
  • 6 GEL EYE 2 (TO SET)

I also find useful a lash comb to seperate the lashes. Which you can find here: