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Purple Sparkle…

Published September 28, 2015 by sarahsmith1988

So in the post arrived my cream sparkly eye shadow palette’s I bought two palettes one in purple shades and another in grey/silver shades. I also came across some stargazer shadows which I always associated with gothic look or very strong neon colour’s that were not really suitable for every day wear. However I did come across some shimmer shadow they do with an amazing variety of colour’s to choose from.

So after a bit of debating with myself which to try first, I thought I would try out the purples and have a go at seeing what worked best for a look you could pull off day and night.

What I used:

  • IMAG0593 B sweet candy popping highlighting serum (New found love)
  • Bourjois Paris healthy foundation 
  • NYX Royal Violets 
  • Stargazer Plush Purple 
  • Maybelline Wake me up concealer
  • 3D Fiber Plus Mascara
  • Moodstruck precision eye liner “perfect”  

Step 1: I applied a layer of B sweet by first applying the product to a sponge applicator and applying evenly across my face making sure it is nicely blended with even coverage. Once I have achieved this I applied the concealer to specific areas that needed targeting such as redness and breakouts, using the tip of my finger I carefully blended in the concealer to create the even coverage. Once all look even I dampened a foundation brush and applied the foundation directly to my skin working in circle motions, again to make sure the product is finely blended. 

Step 2: Using the precision pencil I drew a line from the outside corner of the eye and then drew a thin black line just beyond half way. I then thickened the corner of the eye and make a shadow effect in the corner. Taking the stargazer shadow I then applied the purple to my eye lid (I did dampen the applicator a little so I got a more vibrant look) Taking the NYX palette I then added the darkest shade of purple across the top of the stargazer shadow for the sparkle.IMAG0599

Step 3: To finish off I added eye liner to the lash line and underneath I used the lightest purple shade from the NYX palette to create a subtle liner below. Completed with 3D Fiber plus mascara!

My over all opinion of the NYX cream palette Royal violets is that they do make your eyes stand out more and do add the added sparkle effect which is great for an occasion you desire, however I did find them a little hard to apply as they did clump in places and took awhile to spread the product out evenly. but a bit of patients and you can create the desired look you want. I also found when removing the product it was a bit like removing sand, so I applied some moisturizer on my skin afterwards, especially the eye area. But they did the job nicely and not to bad if your on a budget. 


The stargazer shadow is another to be added onto my favorite list. I love how strogn the colour is and how nicely it was applied, they are also very blendable and manageable and you dont need a lot of the product either. So it is long lasting. I like how it leaves a subtle shimmer to the eye! 


Find you’re match and rock it!!

Published September 14, 2015 by sarahsmith1988

We all love a flawless face, and the technology of foundations and concealer made it possible to cover imperfections, uneven skin tone and dark circles to really enhance the face and make us glow! Some foundations and concealers can do our skin more damage then good. The product may give us flawless skin, underneath the product is harming our skin.FB_IMG_1442154708893

We need to be careful when selecting certain products, to make sure they dont contain harsh chemicals and create future skin problems. We also want a product to be light weight and long lasting, a product that combines flawless, light weight coverage and is friendly to our skin all together! 

The first step is finding a concealer.Touch mineral skin perfecting concealer provides a perfect light weight base, using only a very small amount to cover the whole face, so the product lasts a long time whilst giving you so many benefits. Skin perfecting concealer provides all day long protection to every day weather and can stand heat, so no more melting! 

touch mineral skin perfect concealer

The BB Flawless complexion enhancer enhances and softens the skin reducing redness dramatically. Skin perfecting concealer is very light weight almost bare, so you dont get that caked on feel. This products sets a perfect base, reducing time it takes to apply your makeup! 

Touch mineral liquid foundation is the perfect product to finish off the flawless look. You can also use the touch mineral cream foundation, depending on your personal preference. The benefits of a cream foundation is that it provides a medium coverage whilst leaving a non oily finish. It is also breathable, long lasting and no caked on feel. The product also comes in a handy compact lockable box with a plastic separator that separates the product from the mirror and the sponge. The mineral liquid foundation has the added benefit of “Juvenessence” which is a unique and powerful marine based algae extract that helps the skin look younger, firmer and radiant. The enhanced liquid to powder foundation allows for a smooth, even application and blends well, completely bluring the appearance of skin imperfections. 

For a list of ingredients of any of the products they can be found on 

Mineral cream foundation