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Published October 4, 2015 by sarahsmith1988


I have been excited to write this blog tonight, seems not so much of a big deal for some but trust me it is a huge deal for me! I have finally found a hair product that tames my hair and keeps it flat all day long without any stray hairs sticking up or frizz forming at the end! I have tried many brands previously but nothing seemed to of worked. From creams to moose to oils to natural round the kitchen products. I was almost about to give up on my “looking for a product that will make my hair appear tame mission” till I came across two life saving products that didn’t cost the earth to. I was so looking forward to putting these products to the test in desperation more then anything. IMAG0649

So what are these mystery products? They are both by TRESemme 

  • Renewal hair and scalp 60 second treatment 
  • Keratin smooth beautifying oil 

They were reasonably priced I bought the 60 second treatment on offer at £2.73 (normal price £5.49) so even when not on offer it is still a bargain for how amazing your hair feels afterwards with just one treatment! The keratin smooth oil was priced at £6.99. If you would like to try the 60 second treatment at offer price it is available in superdrug! 

The 60 second treatment promises to 

  • Instantly help nourish the scalp and renews your hair
  • Formula that helps nourish the scalp at the surface cellur level leaving your hair 3 times stronger!! 

I certainly noticed a huge difference when I applied this product and the next day I noticed a softer more shiny hair. The ends of my hair appeared more smoother ( I often dye my hair and apply alot of heat to it from hair dryers, straighteners and curlers, but who doesn’t) So my hair is rather brittle but his product brought it back to life again.  

The keratin smooth beautifying oil promises to

  • Provide easier to hair hair 
  • Protect hair 
  • Leave hair soft, super shiny and super smooth 

Does it check all these boxes, yes!! After straightening my hair I apply some of this to my hair dry and it leaves it all day flat and frizz free. I also apply it after the shower whilst my hair is still damp and style it. May hair has never felt better. 

I would say these products are recommended for people who dye their hair alot and use a lot of heat appliences. Also people with  hair that cant be tamed like myself would get great results from using these products for sure.

Hair before and after products

Hair before and after products


I have never really been to daring with blue eyeshadow’s, I guess its due to how much the blue stands out from the rest of the colours, it is certainly more noticeable and with blue eyes I prefer to steer away from blues. Is there such thing as to much blue? Also another thing I have steered away from is face contouring It looked far to complicated and far to scary to try. I love make up and having an even coverage, but I have pretty much started out on my makeup journey properly and really only ever stuck to the simple look’s and basic foundation’s but recently since selling makeup and starting this blog I have really started getting out of the comfort zone and been as daring as possible. 

So tonight embarked on my first basic contouring. Just simple contouring that suits most people (according to the youtube video I followed to create this contour) It promised an easy guide for the ones who have no idea what they are doing. Any way I followed it to exact and wishing I had a better camera at the time of taking the before and after photo’s!! IMAG0669

With the contouring done I moved swiftly onto my eye shadow colours, making this up as I went along, still in my experimenting phase of things! 

  • I first applied a white eyeshadow on each eye lid and also below the brow line. Creating a base for the blue shadow to sit nicely to avoid the shadow resting in the creases. 
  • I then took a pale blue shadow and applied a little in the centre of the eye lid 
  • Taking a shade darker blue, I then applied it next to the light blue (working outwards) Then finally taking a dark navy blue to finish off at the outer corner of the eye. 


  • I then applied eye liner normally along the lash line and finishing off in the crease of the eye lid to about three quarters inwards towards the inner corner of the eye and blended slightly. Just to create a bit of an intenser look. I am still debating weather this was a wise choice! 
  • I then applied mascara as normal

collage = contouring


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