Metallic Eye shadow.. A new found love?

Published September 23, 2015 by sarahsmith1988

From a young age I have always loved make up, I would wear wild colours of brightly colours that completely clashed with each other, and looking back on photographs I cringe at the site of me! But at the age of eleven, who can blame me? I am sure there are a lot more out there that did the exact same thing with their friends and thought they knew all about make up and colours and what goes with what. As I grew older I learnt which colours did go together and wore more neutral tones. But that was as far as my limits stretched. I didn’t experiment with metallic’s, or glitter or even colours! I stuck to the norm, till recently when I started to run my own cosmetic business. I decided to experiment and research trends to really expand my knowledge. Hand on heart I don’t really have a clue so I am learning from the bottom in order to help along side my business. ATT_1443040201557_IMAG0559

So, back to the subject. Metallic eyes, these seem to be popping up in every article for fall/winter 2015 from soft shimmers to major full on smokey eye with high impact glitter! 

For a soft metallic approach, if your not as daring for the full on look, is creamy bronze shadow’s and can even be created by just using one product. Softer bronze looks are easier to wear day and night 

For shimmer lovers who want to embrace their wild party self try applying a shadow that has a pearlescent sheen all over the eye lids and in the inner corner, blending downwards just under the eye. This really makes the eyes shine and sparkle! Making this ideal for a night out! 

I decided to experiment with metallic’s adding shimmer and dark colours. Dark colours are out of my comfort zone as I am not as daring as I’d like to be with drawing attention to my eyes. But since I am on an experimenting daze. I am making a few exceptions. 

Tonight I used: 

  • Barry M dazzle Dust No 27
  • B sweet Popping Candy highlighting serum 
  • B creative Art Addition Vol 2 – Eye essential night 
  • Moodstruck addiction Palette 3 – cheeky
  • Mineral Touch Pressed powder – Scarlet 
  • Minerals concealer – Fabulous 
  • Divine Daily Moisturizer 
  • 3D fiber Plus Mascara 

First of all I applied the divine daily moisturizer, this works amazing as a base for easy blending of the mineral concealer and powder foundation. I used upwards strokes from neck, working my way upwards. I then applied the B sweet popping candy highlighting serum. This was a spontaneous purchase whilst looking at eye shadow palettes but I must say it is very strange. It is a clear gel like formula with little peach pearl beads in. I bought the product more to the fact it looked strange and sounded great. The description says “bursting pearls of illuminating pigment encased in a light weight hydrating serum. Instantly brightens and improves your complexion for a beautifully dewy, youthful finish”

B Sweet Popping Candy Highlighting Serum

B Sweet Popping Candy Highlighting Serum

I must say this product really works. I applied it after the divine daily moisturizer then added a small amount of popping candy serum onto the palm of my hand and blended the product into the skin, topping off with my normal concealer and powdered foundation. My face instantly appeared lighter, even with a slight hint of shimmer. 

I then started off with the eye shadow. I used Barry M dazzle dust as a base, I have just fell in love with applying shadows and pigments wet as I find they apply easy and look more vibrant. However this dazzle dust does not apply well wet, so avoid trying to use wet. But does however apply amazing dry. I used the tip of my finger and dabbed a small amount all over my eye lids and into the inner corners of my eyes. 

Barry M Dazzle Dust No 27

Barry M Dazzle Dust No 27

I then dabbed my brush into some water and patted dry so the brush was slightly damp. Dabbing the brush into the eye essential palette “Chelsea” I went on to apply over the eye and towards the brow bone, blending the colour in to get an even finish. For the centre of my eye lid I applied “Kensington” (From the same palette) dabbing the shadow outwards. for the outer corners

B creative Art Addition Vol.2 Eye Essentials - night

B creative Art Addition Vol.2 Eye Essentials – night

I then added “cheeky” from the moodtruck addiction palette 3 on the outer corners of my eye lid’s. 

To finish the eye I added moodstruck precision eye pencil “Perfect” and applied the B Longer Mascara (Included in the art addition set) However I did coat one eye with my favorite mascara 3D fiber lashes mascara just so you can see the definition of the mascara.

B Longer Mascara

B Longer Mascara



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