How to get those Shimmery Eyes..

Published September 20, 2015 by sarahsmith1988

As I venture out on my quest of experimenting with different styles of makeup and following step by step guides I came across an article promising easy five minute eye shadow looks for any occasion that are easy to follow, can do quickly and still look good! In my digging I found an article based on shimmery smokey eyes, but rather then the dark classic smokey eyes with heavy blacks/grey I found a step to guide that uses lighter shades with shimmer. I would say this look is ideal for office look or casual girly day’s in town shopping. Play around with the colours a bit and you more then likely could come up with some great creations. 


eeek no make up!!

So first thing is first no make up , fresh canvas. (I don’t often post no make up photographs but I make an exception for the blog, this just gives an indication of how well or how not so well a product works!! OH and please excuse the curlers, all that is missing is a cup of coco and my tartan slippers I must say haha! But I love the curls I get in the morning with using these and its less damaging to the hair! No heat!) 


Applied Mineral Concealer & Powder Foundation

1. Apply a light shimmery shadow over your entire eyelid as the base shade. After you’ve applied your foundation and blush, use flat eyeshadow brush to apply a shimmery whitish-gold powder over your eyelid for a sheer wash of color that gives off a gold cast. “You’ll want to concentrate the shadow at the inner corner and extend it toward the center of the eyelid,”


Moodsrtuck Addiction Palette 3 “smitten”

2. Add in some bronze eyeshadow. From the point where the white shimmery shadows stops at the center of your eyelid, apply some shimmery bronze shadow from there out toward the outer corner of your eye using a contouring eyeshadow brush.


Moodstruck Addiction Palette 3 “Ecstatic”

3. Intensify your eye at the outer corners. For dimension, mix a black shadow and a deep brown shadow shade, and then apply it to the outer corners of your eyes to add drama to the look.


Moodstruck Addiction Palette 3 “Cheeky” & “Irate”

4. Line your eyes. Give yourself a sexy cat eye to complete the look, then top it with mascara!


Fiber Lash Mascara & Precision Eyeliner “Perfect”


This one is with all the lights switched on so you see the shimmer in the corner of the eyes better!

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