When you say you can’t do this…

Published September 19, 2015 by sarahsmith1988

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When you say you can’t do this because

“Your not a sales person”

Oh ok. …..

✔You shared that coke bottle with your name on it and now people everywhere want to go find their name … Sold.

✔You posted a picture of a delicious meal item from a restaurant and now all your friends want to go there and try it themselves .. Sold.

✔You went to see a film that was so good you had to post it on Facebook which made your friends take their entire families to the movie … Sold.

✔You just got the best deal at a shop that you couldn’t wait to share on social media letting everyone know of this huge discount so they could take advantage of it too… Sold.

Only difference is .. you didn’t get paid for all those referrals .

But …
Coca cola got paid
The cinema got paid
The restaurant got paid
The shop got paid

How about sharing some fantastic products in an amazing business opportunity that actually works ..and actually get paid for it!!

But your not a sales person …
Worth a think eh? 


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