My October 2015 best beauty picks

Published September 18, 2015 by sarahsmith1988

Again, I have been off browsing the wonderful world of the internet and magazines to find the trends for fall/winter and which ones I liked best. The one trend I have noticed a lot of is the wavy hair style. The more “sea wave” curls then the tight curl look. Hair trend seems to be long, looser waver hairstyles for a simple clean glamour look. Sure thing is the opposite of the short pixie do’s and crops! 

To get the look of loose curls:medium round brush

  • classic blow dry using a medium round brush 
  • Take thin but wide sections of the hair and spritz them with a firm hold hair spray before wrapping each section round a 1 1/4 inch curling tong. 
  • Roll each section in the same direction 
  • Brush the curls out to soften the wave 
  • Finish off with a shine serum and softer hold hair spray to keep the hair flexible. 

Now what about those nails? I personally don’t really like dark colour’s on my nails. I prefer the brighter colour’s or pastel colours. But after some digging I discovered a cooler way of a french manicure using dark colours. This style allows you to play with the dark polish trend without going completely goth. For the tips of the nail use a dark shimmery polish with a classic neutral polish for the rest of the nail. Ideal for a twist from the classic french manicure and great idea for party nails. Dark shimmery purples will work well. 

This would be my favorite so far I have seen for fall/winter 2015, that been the use of three different eye liners to really make those eyes stand out!! You can experiment with different colours and combinations to create your own custom look. For example the maybelline line express eyeliners in “Blackened sapphire” “Charcoal” and rimmel soft kohl kajal eye liner pencil in “Green shimmer” eyeliner 3

  • Use blackened sapphire across the eye line 
  • Add a layer of charcoal grey on top 
  • followed by the green shimmer pencil on top and in the inner corners 

Use a eyeliner blending tool to carefully blend in the colours and you will see a huge difference to the eyes. Remember your only limited to your own imagination with this one. So get creative and go wild. Would love to see your own creations in the comments! 

The smokey eye trend has been going on for awhile now and many still use it and yet it is looking to be a set trend this fall/winter! However I have noticed headlines such as “an easy way to do smokey eyes” “Easier way to do smokey eyes in just a couple of steps” etc.. I love the smokey eye effect and over time came up with my own combination of colours I love and use often for certain occasions. But this way I have spotted is certainly a way I am going to do it! it really is easy! Addiction palette pic

  • Take a tricolour eyeshadow palette (or a eyeshadow palette that has a good set of shades and select three colours) 
  • Apply the darkest colour (or even a dark eyeliner would work) right on top of your lash line. 
  • Let the colour merge into a slightly less dark shade on the lid.
  • Next apply the lightest colour, the one nearest to your skin tone from the top of your lid all the way up to the crease then blend all together so that the whole look seems to fade from light to dark. 

You can also add a highlighter at the inner corner of the eye for a eye widening and brightening effect. 

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