my top 6 Picks from Younique…

Published September 16, 2015 by sarahsmith1988

my mission to to spread the news about younique products. I absolutely adore younique products, which lead me to join younique and share with others just how amazing these cosmetics are! So the question I get asked often is “Why did you join younique?” Well I am 27 years old, married and have 2 children aged 4 and 2, and expecting my third child in October, with only 5 weeks left I am a little more then excited to meet another addition to my family. I purchased younique products and feel in love with them instantly. I never really had the interest to join as a representative as I was never really that busy. I didnt have a family to provide for, I attended college and did a few jobs here and there. It wasn’t till recently I found myself tied up in the children, the pregnancy and IMAG0329running a busy household, but I didn’t like the idea of not making an income. I pondered about for a few weeks to try devise a plan that would be suitable around my lifestyle and children. I just happened to come across a social media post looking for reps, so I jumped at the opportunity and got myself signed up. I now sell the products to friends/family and across the globe!! With fantastic commission and rewards I can say it was the best decision I ever made. I work around my childrens school/play group times and if I feel like a day off I take it. So I can take the girls out, or take them out for treats all paid into a separate account (Separate account and bank card is provided so I can get paid within 3 hours of a sale) I also have booked a holiday just by working my business. This opportunity has really turned my life around! I have a team of strong minded individuals, and I would love to tell you more about the business and how you can get involved so you can to share your love for makeup whilst making a earning, even across the globe!! To find out more you can visit FB_IMG_1442153287011

So here is my 6 top picks form Younique: 

  • Addiction Palette 3 
  • Divine daily moisturizer 
  • Stiff upper lip, lip stain – Sultry 
  • Touch mineral foundation – Scarlet 
  • Touch mineral concealer – Fabulous 
  • 3D fiber lashes mascara 


First thing is first is the divine daily moisturizer! This is my must have skin care product for the morning, I also provide attention to the under eyes, so when I apply my concealer it covers dark circles better. The moisturizer sets to work fairly quick. Within a few days I noticed an improvement in my skins appearance. 

Then apply the concealer, I use a soft bristle brush and dab the brush horizontally into the product and gently tap, I only use a small amount to start off with and if needed I will add a little more coverage. The product applies really nicely and smoothly, so there is often no need for a lot of coverage. Touch mineral concealer is great for covering uneven skin tone and patches of redness. wakeupmakeup

Touch mineral foundation applies well on top of the mineral concealer it makes a huge difference to the face, adding the extra benefit of making the face appear air brushed. Mineral foundation is perfect for acne skin, covers up well making them appear less visible. 

The addiction palette is by far my favorite product! I love how colour rich the eye shadow is, it has a silky soft feel and applies nicely without any creasing. I noticed this products lasts all day without any budging and I have a just applied look all day long! The palette has a mixture of shimmer shadows, and matte colours. I love the fact that these colours are easily blendable and buildable. So you can have the look dramatic or subtle depending on occasion. 

Stiff upper lip is a product I can not spread the love for enough! One coat is all it takes to get a bold strong colour that turns from a liquid to a perfect matte finish within seconds, the colour does stay on for a long time and can also be buildable. So you can heighten the colour intensity even more! There is a great range of colours in the lipstain collection. 

Stiff Upper Lip

3D fiber lashes are fantastic, for a quick application to add intensity to the lashes they are also really easy to remove and hassle free. I love this product due to its simplicity, and it actually lives up to its name and promises. 


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