How to perfect the face with final touches

Published September 15, 2015 by sarahsmith1988

step 3

Touched pressed powder foundation tips: 

  • BONUS – If you have acne skin be sure to pay close attention!! You will really appreciate this technique when applying powdered foundation.
  • Take the compact and a large powder brush, holding the brush horizontally, gently work the sides of the bristles into the powder with short, swift, back and forth strokes.
  • Repeattedly press the pwder/brush bristles on to your face with slight rolling motion to give an even deposit of foundation on the skin. This is an easy non messy way to even out roughly textured areas like patches of pimples and dark blemishes. This way will also allow you to build desired coverage without flaky or caked on look. 
  • Follow with a light dusting of powder in your regular manner. 


beach front bronzer tips: 

  • Using either a contour brush or a rounded face brush, apply product just under the cheek bones then blend upwards onto the cheek. 
  • You can also apply along the temple and the top of your forehead for a sun kissed glow. 

Mineral Concealer tips: 

  • For hiding blemishes, use a brush like the crease brush so you can really blend the product for natural coverage, since your working with powder you will find this trick will make application much easier and quicker. 
  • For under eye darkness use a little moisturizer and allow the product to dry before applying concealer, you want the skin to be hydrated, yest dry to avoid streaking. 
  • Pat concealer powder under your eyes with a concealer brush and blend upwards towards the hair line 
  • Less is more, powder concealer covers beautifully so you only need a small mount when you first apply the product. You can build later if you need more coverage. mineral concealer

Mineral pressed blusher tips: 

  • Sweep blush from the ear down to the cheekbone, towards the mouth.
  • Add a little blush to the chin and blend it well to make your face appear longer
  • For long faces, apply blush on cheek bones below the outer corners of the eyes and blend well. Be sure the blush never extends lower then the tip of the nose. – The online store for professional makeup! 


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