I need YOU…

Published September 13, 2015 by sarahsmith1988

Ok guys, I need your help! I am pretty sure there are some people out there that will understand where I am coming from. Especially those who have their own business.

I have just launched a newly designed website www.beautychicz.com complete with an online store, blog and information about the products I sell. The products I sell were previously tested by me before I joined the business. I wanted to trial the products myself first to see if they would be something I would love to sell and share with others. I am completely in love with the products and I love selling them to friends and family. but I would love to go that one step further and get the products really out there! so others can see for themselves just how great each product is. 

80% of people purchased my products have ended up joining my team and starting their own business selling the products and each individual is loving it! With great commissions on every item sold and amazing opportunities it is hard to turn down.We are a team of highly motivated and passionate people about the business and products. We lift each other up and support each other, giving advice and tips and the most important part been a friend. We work together to aim higher!

I wish I could show you face to face just how great this business opportunity is and how amazing the products are!! You would not be disappointed. 

So, the question is why do I need you? 

I believe in lifting other people up, I believe in supporting and helping others through their journey, weather their dream is to be a famous beauty blogger, or a writer. Maybe they just want run their own business etc.. No matter what their goal or dream is, if that individual, stranger or friend reaches out to me and says “hey do you mind sharing this on your social media” “Do you mind trialing this product and leaving feedback” etc.. I would never hesitate at that chance! Even leaving business cards or leaflets etc.. I dont mind, helping one another in this world can bring us to the top! 

All I ask is, to check out my website www.beautychicz.com You dont have to purchase anything, just have a look through it and leave feedback in the comments (on this post) or questions you may have. Share my website. 

If you want any favors in regards to sharing posts, websites, feel free to ask me 🙂 I would be happy to do so 

best wishes 



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