More Fall 2015 Trend spotting

Published September 12, 2015 by sarahsmith1988


I have been spending some time searching for the beauty trends of Fall/Winter 2015 so I can start getting together my make up collection and try these trends, needless to say I am looking forward to trying some of these trends out! 

After a while spent researching I found that a popular trend for Fall/Winter 2015 is the “barely there make up” or in other natural. Even the thought of hardly any make up, or going natural worries me. I like the dramatic looks, looks that really make me stand out from the crowd. I like to be bold and daring! So it is the healthy complexion that is clean, clear and under control. Here I am looking into a mirror thinking ok, I have the skin care products required for this, and made a vow to myself to stick to a good skin care routine, preferable one that does not add hours to my wake up make up ritual I already have. The best products I find that work incredibly well are my illuminate clear and divine daily moisturizer. Quick to apply and dont leave my hands feeling greasy afterwards. I also must not forget my trusted beloved glorious face and eye primer. So a quick face wash with my illuminate clear and add a dash of divine topped off with face and eye primer and I am good to go, works within days! Happy bunny! CLEAR FACIAL SHOP

Going all natural looks playfully sweet when combined with thick brows, add the luminous skin, natural eyes and matte lips is the perfect combination to bring forward a more earthly chic, add a little pink blush and your natural beauty will be enhanced.

Swooping cat eyes, as well as the straight lines, defines the eyes and the you can play around with the thickness for more dramatic looks. Thinner lines create a more subtle look, just enough to make your eyes stand out a little but without been over the top. I love the swooping cat eyes drawn on thin to go with the natural look. The lines are so subtle but creates a huge difference. face and eye primer

I did discover in my finding’s that as well as the natural look, we also have a complete opposite look, I’m talking big, bold, colourful and strong. It is all 1960’s 1990’s and 1980’s all rolled into together to create interesting combinations to give us the best out of those decades. Bold and twiggy lashes! These are lashes that have been separated into clumps, this has been a sitting trend mainly since Spring/Summer 2015. Twig lashes look fantastic with mega over the top liner creating a mod vibe that does stand out from the rest. The clumpy mascara can also look pretty sophisticated with a bit of a bed head style hair, giving the look of rocker/punk. or, try pairing the twiggy lashes with strong red lips, whilst keeping the rest of the face nude and clean!

 Again with the lips trend this Fall/Winter 2015 seems to be opposites, there is the trend for reds/plums but also a nude look. I love the bolder lips rather then the nude’s and therefore not really experimented with nude colours. But this Fall I shall be trying out different nude shades and seeing what works best. Nude colours lessen the definition of the lips overall and made to look matte.  Stiff upper lip is the best product for a perfect matte look, and also comes in a range of colours to suit the subtle pinks to the berry reds. Adding black feline flicks with the nude lips works magic! 

Eye pigment packaging


This Fall/Winter 2015 takes a fun approach to eye colours also, as the exotic rainbow eyes takes its position. I love playing with colours and blending them in together and creating my own wild versions of rainbow eyes, moodstruck mineral pigments have a large selection of high pigment colours to choose from! it is hard not to want them all! They are easy blendable therefore I have a lot of fun with these! I also tend to mix colours together to create a theme, such as sunset or colours like an exotic birds feathers.


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