Fall 2015 Beauty Trends

Published September 12, 2015 by sarahsmith1988

I have been on the look out for this years fall beauty trends, and I am loving it! I love dramatic looks and bold colours and if you do to, you will certainly love this years must have Fall looks! 

The first thing I noticed on my adventure looking for beauty trends was the hype about dark lips. From the ripe berry to the plum black lips (aiming for the 90s trend) they are guaranteed to get you noticed in the spotlight. The moodstruck precision pencil lip liner “Pompous” works really well with the moodstruck opulence “Pretentious” lipstick, creating a lovely berry look To create a darker look the moodstruck precision pencil lip liner “Perky” and moodstruck opulence lipstick “Excessive” With a bit of blending and they will pair up nicely to create an ombre look. 

dark plum

berry lips 1

The flushed cheeks is also a big hit for the fall, the aim is to create that fresh, healthy flushed cheeks look you get when you come back in from the cold outside. It is not applied dramatically, more of a subtle appearance to really make the face glow. Moodstruck minerals pressed blusher in “Sweet” gives the highlight you need for a subtle glow, the product goes along way so you only really need the smallest dab on the blusher brush. 

For the eyes it seems that makeup artists have ditched the gold and silver and aimed for a bronze. The benefits of using bronze really does warm up the face and works well with the 90s lip colours! To add to the eyes, graphic liner is the perfect tweak to the classic cat eye by using a straight swipe of black liner, (moodstruck precision eye liner “Perfect” is great to use due to its creamy texture) this is a more modern way of wearing liner that elongates and lifts the eye, whilst also added some mystery to the face. Another look, is the easy smokey eyes, and it really is easy to recreate! Just by using black and brown eyeliner. Sometimes a dramatic eye can be intimidating, and is more suitable for occasions, rather then day to day life. So creating a diffused look by using only two products, tones down the eye for more appeal. For the eyebrows, it appears to be the block brow look is a distant memory making room for the more feathery image, this feathery look consists of lightly filled arches that are brushed up and wild but yet still groomed! Using quick and small stokes of a brow pencil to mimic hairs, brush the brows up at the start and outward as you move towards the tail. To complete the eyes, lashes are going big! Large defined lashes are a must have this fall. If you are in a hurry and want amazing definition and volume to the eye lashes, using 3D fiber Lashes plus works a dream to create those ideal lashes! 



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