Getting the perfect contour and highlight

Published September 10, 2015 by sarahsmith1988

I mentioned briefly in a previous blog post about highlight and contouring, so thought I would write about how to contour and highlight and share a tutorial video of how to do it correctly to really make your face perfect!

So, what does highlight and contour do? Highlight and contour enhances the cheekbones, slims the face, also giving the face shape to certain area’s and enhances facial structure. Highlight and contouring the face is not meant to be noticeable, it is meant to give the face a subtle definition. highlight and contour set

I would stick with matte products rather then shimmery products. To avoid to much shine and shimmer, as this does not look natural. 

Don’t be tone deaf! Lots of people contour with a bronzer and this is not recommended, unless you have tanned skin. You need to find something that creates the illusion of an actual shadow. 

Customizing your complexion using powders you will get more of a matte finish. Creams will appear more dewy, however using creams are ideal for beginners as they tend to blend in more easily and can build them easier. Using an angled cream brush to hit under the cheek bone and jaw bone, making sure you cover the area well.

The type of brushes used are important to get an even clear finish, starting with a small fluffy eyeshadow brush will help for more precision, always use two brushes, one for highlight one for contour. Introducing a fan brush is great for feathering the products into the hair line, under the jaw line and around the cheekbones for an airbrushed finish. Hard lines are never a good look therefore use a regular foundation brush or a damp egg sponge and tap it into the contour to make sure there is no demarcation.brush set

Remember to make sure the products are blended in well this is a must! Once blended in well, apply a peachy pink blush on the apple of cheeks, and add a luminizer just on the top of the cheek bones, down the bridge of the nose and a hint on the chin for a super fresh skin look!  

To purchase the BB set you can do >>HERE<< You can also purchase the items individually! 


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