The Orange Apeel…..

Published September 8, 2015 by sarahsmith1988

Ladies Listen up 

Ever Sat and looked in awe at someone’s make up wondered how it looks so smooth???

OR how it stays on all day when yours literally rolls off you face??? 

Or how they manage to hide all those imperfections you totally know they have 

I’ll let you into a little secret ……….

Check out my oranges

Can you guess?? 

orange comparasion bb cream

The secret is these two amazing products

  • Glorious eye and face primer 
  • BB flawless complexion enhancer 

Glorious eye and face primer really is the miracle that every woman needs to have in their day to day lives. Especially those who have been skeptical of primer’s and have not found the right one for them. Well, its right here!! in this fabulous tube. I have been searching high and low for a face primer that really works well with my skin and achieve that flawless look I am aiming for. I also wanted a primer that would help prevent oily breakout throughout the day! face and eye primer

Eye and face primer helps: 

  • Keep skin at bay during break outs 
  • Is a clear/gel type rather then a matte or lotion, giving it a more flawless/grease free absorption
  • Makes a huge difference when it comes to applying make up as the make up is more easily transferred to the skin and leaves it smooth. 
  • Only need a small sized amount (Pea sized) all over the face 
  • Imperfections and unevenness will be balanced 
  • Make up will apply much easier 
  • Looks smooth and even all day long, and will not melt! 

BB creamBB Flawless cream

  • Long lasting 
  • small amount is needed, so the product lasts a long time 
  • With just that small amount it enhances and softens skin, reducing redness dramatically 
  • No caked on feel
  • Light weight 
  • Cuts down the time needed to apply make up

Contour and hightlight: 

This seems to be a very popular make up trend at the moment. I personally recommend you to buy your normal skin shade for the highlight part and for the contour use one shade darker. I prefer the natural look and natural highlights so using only two shades will help achieve that.  

You can purchase these products >>HERE<< 

OR visit for further information on blog, journey, competition, products and more!! 


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