Just another heart breaker!

Published September 6, 2015 by sarahsmith1988

Heart breaker collection: FB_IMG_1440620380141

  • 2 moodstruck mineral pigment powders
  • 1 moodstruck 3D fiber lashes + 
  • 2 moodstruck precision pencils 
  • 1 touch mineral foundation pressed or cream 
  • 1 beach front bronzer
  • 1 stiff upper lip stain 
  • 1 younique make up bag

Just the perfect collection for all the heart breakers out there. This collection features the best of the best products that chosen wisely will break hearts! With the wide range of moodstruck mineral pigment powders there is colours to suit every need from sexy, flirty to seductive!! Each pigment powder is exploding with colour and intensity and guaranteed to make your eyes stand out from the rest!! Add the 3D fiber lashes + and your well on your way to making heads turn with the amazing volume and definition!!


Am I exaggerating? No, these products really do make miracles happen! They last a long time, and virtually party proof. Each product is easily applied and don’t irritate the skin. In my previous blog post I did a before and after of using the pressed powdered foundation, so you can see the results I achieved. 

If I had chose a product that I must have on a night out it would be the stiff upper lip stain (this was a hard choice as I would also of picked the moodstruck mineral pigment powder) But this lip stain is like no other I have tried. The applicator makes it so easy to apply and tends to keep the product in place so you can glide the wand nicely along the lips, it also dries matte, what I like best about the product is once it is dry and want more of a gloss look I apply clear lipgloss along the lips and makes them perfect for a nice shine! It lasts a life time and does not wear off! The lip stain is also buildable so you can add more layers for a more dramtic burst of colour! IMAG0294

if your planning a night out, or planning a special occasion this is certainly the collection you need! 

you can purchase this collection directly here www.youniqueproducts.com/sarahsmith1988 OR visit www.beautychicz.com for further information on competition, more about opportunity and products!! 


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