The ultimate girls night out!!

Published September 5, 2015 by sarahsmith1988

Girls night out collection: FB_IMG_1440620396399

  • 1 moodstruck 3D fiber lashes + 
  • 1 moodstruck opulence lipstick 
  • 1 moodstruck precision pencil 
  • 1 moodstruck minerals pressed powder or cream foundation 
  • 1 splurge cream eyeshadow 
  • 1 precision brow gel or liner 
  • 1 younique make up bag 

The perfect collection to complete your night out do! From perfecting those eye lashes with the 3D fiber lashes + right down to the brow liner or gel. This has everything you need to compliment your outfit. This collection has a variety of the new launch products and some of the older line of products. I would say the best item in the collection is foundation, both liquid or pressed powder as they both are so light weight and provide an excellent coverage. The powder foundation is so fine and soft. When applied it goes on smoothly and feels great against the skin. When applied it feels like your skin can still breathe. Both are long lasting, I would say the pressed powder foundation is best for keeping the oil/shine from breaking out. When I apply foundation within a few hours you can start to see a shine forming on my forehead and nose. The pressed powder foundation seems to keep this under control better and prevent the shine look. Spent a life time trying to find a foundation that does just that!

touch mineral liquid foundation

The perfect product that gives your eyes the sure sparkle for a night out is the splurge cream eyeshadow, it is perfect for many reasons. It has a shimmery look and when applied it applies so smoothly and blends perfect with other splurge colours. it is also crease proof and long lasting, the product does not crease up either in the creases of your eye. To complete the perfect eyes the 3D fiber lashes + is the ultimate, can not stress enough mascara that will do wonders if you want volume, definition and wow factor!! With just a few coats you can achieve the false eye look with no mess and hassle. Ideal for nights out, so your not wasting all the time trying to apply false eye lashes.  Splurge minerals

The moodstruck precision eye liner (not included in the set) is an ideal product to have to create those wings when applying a dramatic flick on the eye line. The colours are vibrant and bold so you dont have to keep going over the eye line to achieve a stronger colour. The product is also creamy so it nicely glides across the eye line, keeping those lines neat and tidy! I also sometimes use moodstruck mineral pigment powders wet and apply with the liner/shader brush to get a strong shimmery eye liner. Really heightens and intensifies the look. 

Eye pigment packaging

The moodstruck precision lipliner is a fantastic strong colour that is easily applied and can also be blended a bit to create the ombre lip look. The lip liner prevents the lipstick from bleeding and adds a great finish. Opulence lipstick is so creamy and buttery rich it applies smoothly and lasts a long time so you can go on partying without worrying about those lips! They are available in so many amazing colours it will be hard to choose from! 

You can purchase the collection or items directly here OR visit for more information!!


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