How to get Ombre Lips!!

Published September 5, 2015 by sarahsmith1988

What you need: 

  • You’re fav lipstick
  • Darker shade lip liner (or darker lipstick and brush) 
  • Shimmery light coloured powdered eye shadow 
  • Small flat brush that you can wash 

I used a unbranded lipstick

younique moodstruck precision lip liner “pompous” 


Younique moodstruck mineral pigment “sexy”

Step 1:

First apply lipstick as normal, dont worry if it is not perfect as this corrects later on 


Step 2:

Line you’re lips with the darker coloured lip liner (or lipstick) paying special attention to the corners of your lips.


Step 3:

Blend liner into the medium coloured lipstick by drawing really short feathery strokes from the outside in. 

Step 4:

Add the highlight, take the brush and light eye shadow powder and dab a little right in the middle of your lips and upper lip, then blot out using your finger tip. The eye shadow powder gives the look of light, or a really bright shimmer. 


If I want my lips to be the main feature, I apply a subtle bronzer to my cheeks and use neutral colours for my eyes, this way my lips will stand out! 

You can also experiment with other colours for example: Orange, red and gold would go really well for a sun set theme or different shades of pink for a romantic look, reds and golds can also be used for a christmas theme. You can go as daring as you want to, or as subtle as you want! 

You can purchase youniques products directly here OR visit for further information on the cosmetic and skin care range! 


4 comments on “How to get Ombre Lips!!

    • I think it would of turned out better if I did a bit more blending with the darker liner. I do love to use the shimmer pigment powder though and not just for the ombre look. Also for just dabbing on plain lipstick gives lips a lovely shimmer for parties 🙂 thank you for your comment xox


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