Why you have to have The Essential Collection.. Well, its essential….

Published September 4, 2015 by sarahsmith1988

Essential collection contains: FB_IMG_1440620385725

  • 1 touch mineral foundation (cream or pressed) 
  • 1 moodstruck addiction palette 
  • 1 moodstruck 3D fiber lashes 
  • 1 lucrative lipgloss 
  • 1 refreshed pure and natural rose water
  • 1 divine daily moisturizer 
  • 1 younique make up bag 

This collection has all the ingredients gathered together for the essentials every woman must have! Each product is designed with care to give your skin the best treatment whilst giving you amazing flawless results. The touch mineral foundation pressed is so light and comes with an applicator and also a plastic cover keeping the product separate from the sponge, allowing you to apply the correct amount of product each time without adding to much, resulting in flawless even coverage. The moodstruck addiction palette is one of the new products just launched 1st September. I believe this to be the best product of the new line as each individual eyeshadow is silky smooth, crease proof and long wearing. They come in a range of different shades to really compliment each other. Their is a palette out there to suit everyone’s eye colour and shade desires! They blend very well with the other shades in the palette and are buildable, so you can either have a subtle look or a wild dramatic look depending on occasion/event.  

pressed powder

You also get the added bonus of the 3D fiber lashes thrown in the collection, this is a best seller of younique and a must have to anyone who loves long natural looking lashes without the drama and mess of false lashes. The mascara is very easy to apply and very easily removed. I love how this product has the ability to add more and more definition and volume with each coat to achieve your ultimate desired look. 3D fibre Advert

If you dont like or not to keen on lipgloss I can guarantee that you will fall in love with lucrative lipgloss! The gloss is rich in colour really highlighting those lips, yet it is not sticky, it is more creamy. the wand shape makes it easy to apply quickly and stays put for a long time without re applying. There is also the perk of a little side mirror so you can apply anywhere! 

Lucrative lipgloss colour chart 2

Refreshed pure and natural rose water has so many benefits to the skin, it is worth having as an essential. This rose water can even be used as a refresher in the summer days, a few sprays on the face and you instantly feel refreshed and vitalized. The product can also be used to set make up after applying, can be used to remove excess dirt and oil that remains in the pores. Used twice a day can help make the skin softer smoother. Also a great product to use after exercise to calm down redness in the face! Use along side younique divine daily moisturizer and your skin will love you! This product goes along way, as only a small amount is needed and it makes a difference to the skin immediately! Used over time and I noticed break outs were not as bad and my skin seemed to have a radiant complexion. With far less bumps. I tend to have a lot of dry skin on my forehead but with this product, it really helped get rid of the dry skin. Making applying foundation easier!rose water

 You can purchase directly from here www.youniqueproducts.com/sarahsmith1988 

Or visit www.beautychicz.com for further product information and more about me! 


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