Skin in the game!!

Published September 3, 2015 by sarahsmith1988

Skin in the game collection: 


  • 1 illuminate (clean or clear)
  • 1 glorious face and eye primer
  • 1 touch mineral liquid foundation
  • 1 touch mineral skin perfecting concealer
  • 1 blending buds
  • 1 concealer brush
  • 1 uplift eye serum
  • 1 divine daily moisturizer
  • 1 younique make up bag

This is a new collection from younique and has a varitey of skin care products and cosmetics to make your skin appear youthful, radiant and flawless. There is a combination of products from younique’s new line of products that have just launched 1st September such as the touch mineral liquid foundation and the touch mineral skin perfecting concealer, brought together makes skin incredible.

touch mineral liquid foundation Giving you a light weight coverage without the caked on feel, yet achieving the radiant glow you desire. All of the products in the collection work really well to ensure your face has the perfect, smooth look ready to apply the rest of your make up. This makes the ideal collection to create that stunning look and save £££’s What I like about this collection is the perfect tools. The concealer brush and blending buds are ideal for easy application. The concealer brush is rust free and built to last a life time, making this brush a good quality buy. The blending buds come in two sizes small and large, so you can perfect those areas around the nose and inner eyes with the smaller bud and use the larger bud for the forehead and cheeks. They are soft and smooth making them easy to glide over the face giving an even blend and coverage.

blending buds

This collection is great for anyone who is into make up and is struggling to find a product that works. Each product is designed with you in mind, therefore no chemicals or harmful ingredients are added, reducing the risk of making break outs worse. The products also leave such a smooth complexion, you barely know you are wearing make up. Anyone with sensitive skin would benefit from each product.

You can purchase the collection directly at here you can ask any questions regarding the products. You can also purchase the products individually!

or visit to discover more about the younique journey


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