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Purple Sparkle…

Published September 28, 2015 by sarahsmith1988

So in the post arrived my cream sparkly eye shadow palette’s I bought two palettes one in purple shades and another in grey/silver shades. I also came across some stargazer shadows which I always associated with gothic look or very strong neon colour’s that were not really suitable for every day wear. However I did come across some shimmer shadow they do with an amazing variety of colour’s to choose from.

So after a bit of debating with myself which to try first, I thought I would try out the purples and have a go at seeing what worked best for a look you could pull off day and night.

What I used:

  • IMAG0593 B sweet candy popping highlighting serum (New found love)
  • Bourjois Paris healthy foundation 
  • NYX Royal Violets 
  • Stargazer Plush Purple 
  • Maybelline Wake me up concealer
  • 3D Fiber Plus Mascara
  • Moodstruck precision eye liner “perfect”  

Step 1: I applied a layer of B sweet by first applying the product to a sponge applicator and applying evenly across my face making sure it is nicely blended with even coverage. Once I have achieved this I applied the concealer to specific areas that needed targeting such as redness and breakouts, using the tip of my finger I carefully blended in the concealer to create the even coverage. Once all look even I dampened a foundation brush and applied the foundation directly to my skin working in circle motions, again to make sure the product is finely blended. 

Step 2: Using the precision pencil I drew a line from the outside corner of the eye and then drew a thin black line just beyond half way. I then thickened the corner of the eye and make a shadow effect in the corner. Taking the stargazer shadow I then applied the purple to my eye lid (I did dampen the applicator a little so I got a more vibrant look) Taking the NYX palette I then added the darkest shade of purple across the top of the stargazer shadow for the sparkle.IMAG0599

Step 3: To finish off I added eye liner to the lash line and underneath I used the lightest purple shade from the NYX palette to create a subtle liner below. Completed with 3D Fiber plus mascara!

My over all opinion of the NYX cream palette Royal violets is that they do make your eyes stand out more and do add the added sparkle effect which is great for an occasion you desire, however I did find them a little hard to apply as they did clump in places and took awhile to spread the product out evenly. but a bit of patients and you can create the desired look you want. I also found when removing the product it was a bit like removing sand, so I applied some moisturizer on my skin afterwards, especially the eye area. But they did the job nicely and not to bad if your on a budget. 


The stargazer shadow is another to be added onto my favorite list. I love how strogn the colour is and how nicely it was applied, they are also very blendable and manageable and you dont need a lot of the product either. So it is long lasting. I like how it leaves a subtle shimmer to the eye! 


Bold colours and strong liners

Published September 27, 2015 by sarahsmith1988

Tonight I had a go at applying strong colours such as navy blues and thick eye liners. This is out of my comfort zone as I prefer to stick to subtle colours or neutral colours which are pretty safe for any occasion. But tonight I wanted to see what dark colours looked like. 

What I used: 

Products I used

Products I used

  • B sweet popping highlighting serum 
  • Moodtruck minerals concealer 
  • Mineral touch pressed powder foundation 
  • Barry M dazzle dust No 27 
  • Seventeen eye eye “Regal” 
  • Moodstruck mineral pigment “Heavenly” 
  • 3D fiber lash plus mascara 

Step 1: 

I first applied the B sweet popping highlighting serum, for those of who have not tried this I highly recommend this product. I bought this from Superdrug at reasonable £7.49 (this is currently at offer price originally £14.99) So quite a bargin! It is a gel like formula with little beads of shimmer. The product applies smoothly onto your skin and gives a youthful glow. 

Step 2: 

I then grabbed my moodstruck minerals concealer and mineral touch pressed powder. I wet the concealer brush and dab it slightly on a dry cotton pad so the brush is damp rather then wet. Dabbing the brush into the mineral concealer then in a circle motion gently apply to the skin till an even coverage is achieved. The mineral concealer can clump a little in places but with a little pressure and keeping the circle motions it helps achieve the even coverage. Then take the pressed powder foundation and dabbing the sponge applicator into water so it is slightly damp apply the foundation. Both products work beautifully together giving an all even complexion and redness is reduced. 

Step 3: IMAG0586

I then applied a layer of dazzle dust (Applied dry) over my eye lids up to the brow bone to create a nice shimmer effect. Then taking the seventeen eye eye shadow I applied wet with a sponge applicator just on the top of the eye lid, then taking a shader brush I blended the product upwards to create a smokey eye effect. 

Step 4: 

For the lower lash line I took a liner brush slightly dampened the brush to apply the same eye shadow along the lower lash line. Only a thin line is needed. I then cleaned the liner brush and used mineral pigment “Heavenly” and applied the product just underneath the line I created and blended ever so slightly. Finishing off with mascara (3D fiber lash mascara plus) 


Metallic Eye shadow.. A new found love?

Published September 23, 2015 by sarahsmith1988

From a young age I have always loved make up, I would wear wild colours of brightly colours that completely clashed with each other, and looking back on photographs I cringe at the site of me! But at the age of eleven, who can blame me? I am sure there are a lot more out there that did the exact same thing with their friends and thought they knew all about make up and colours and what goes with what. As I grew older I learnt which colours did go together and wore more neutral tones. But that was as far as my limits stretched. I didn’t experiment with metallic’s, or glitter or even colours! I stuck to the norm, till recently when I started to run my own cosmetic business. I decided to experiment and research trends to really expand my knowledge. Hand on heart I don’t really have a clue so I am learning from the bottom in order to help along side my business. ATT_1443040201557_IMAG0559

So, back to the subject. Metallic eyes, these seem to be popping up in every article for fall/winter 2015 from soft shimmers to major full on smokey eye with high impact glitter! 

For a soft metallic approach, if your not as daring for the full on look, is creamy bronze shadow’s and can even be created by just using one product. Softer bronze looks are easier to wear day and night 

For shimmer lovers who want to embrace their wild party self try applying a shadow that has a pearlescent sheen all over the eye lids and in the inner corner, blending downwards just under the eye. This really makes the eyes shine and sparkle! Making this ideal for a night out! 

I decided to experiment with metallic’s adding shimmer and dark colours. Dark colours are out of my comfort zone as I am not as daring as I’d like to be with drawing attention to my eyes. But since I am on an experimenting daze. I am making a few exceptions. 

Tonight I used: 

  • Barry M dazzle Dust No 27
  • B sweet Popping Candy highlighting serum 
  • B creative Art Addition Vol 2 – Eye essential night 
  • Moodstruck addiction Palette 3 – cheeky
  • Mineral Touch Pressed powder – Scarlet 
  • Minerals concealer – Fabulous 
  • Divine Daily Moisturizer 
  • 3D fiber Plus Mascara 

First of all I applied the divine daily moisturizer, this works amazing as a base for easy blending of the mineral concealer and powder foundation. I used upwards strokes from neck, working my way upwards. I then applied the B sweet popping candy highlighting serum. This was a spontaneous purchase whilst looking at eye shadow palettes but I must say it is very strange. It is a clear gel like formula with little peach pearl beads in. I bought the product more to the fact it looked strange and sounded great. The description says “bursting pearls of illuminating pigment encased in a light weight hydrating serum. Instantly brightens and improves your complexion for a beautifully dewy, youthful finish”

B Sweet Popping Candy Highlighting Serum

B Sweet Popping Candy Highlighting Serum

I must say this product really works. I applied it after the divine daily moisturizer then added a small amount of popping candy serum onto the palm of my hand and blended the product into the skin, topping off with my normal concealer and powdered foundation. My face instantly appeared lighter, even with a slight hint of shimmer. 

I then started off with the eye shadow. I used Barry M dazzle dust as a base, I have just fell in love with applying shadows and pigments wet as I find they apply easy and look more vibrant. However this dazzle dust does not apply well wet, so avoid trying to use wet. But does however apply amazing dry. I used the tip of my finger and dabbed a small amount all over my eye lids and into the inner corners of my eyes. 

Barry M Dazzle Dust No 27

Barry M Dazzle Dust No 27

I then dabbed my brush into some water and patted dry so the brush was slightly damp. Dabbing the brush into the eye essential palette “Chelsea” I went on to apply over the eye and towards the brow bone, blending the colour in to get an even finish. For the centre of my eye lid I applied “Kensington” (From the same palette) dabbing the shadow outwards. for the outer corners

B creative Art Addition Vol.2 Eye Essentials - night

B creative Art Addition Vol.2 Eye Essentials – night

I then added “cheeky” from the moodtruck addiction palette 3 on the outer corners of my eye lid’s. 

To finish the eye I added moodstruck precision eye pencil “Perfect” and applied the B Longer Mascara (Included in the art addition set) However I did coat one eye with my favorite mascara 3D fiber lashes mascara just so you can see the definition of the mascara.

B Longer Mascara

B Longer Mascara


How to achieve plum smokey eyes!!

Published September 21, 2015 by sarahsmith1988

Today I have been browsing different colours and techniques to make life simple by ditching the complicated makeup routines and swapping them for easy simple steps, but still providing you with the ultimate killer look! In my digging I found a few articles based on smokey eyes, but with using purples. It was hard to choose from which shades of purple to use and what style. So I kind of combined a few together to create my own. It is far better to be creative and use your own ideas as well!

1. Coat your lids with a purple cream shadow. Using your clean fingertip, press a violet-colored cream eyeshadow onto your eyelid from your lash line to the crease, Wait a few seconds and then layer the cream shadow to achieve your desired intensity.

Mineral Pigment Eyeshadow "Flirty"

Mineral Pigment Eyeshadow “Flirty”

2. Add dimension to your eye. Apply a deeply shaded shadow into the crease of your eye and up toward your browbone. This instantly adds dimension and depth to your look.

3. Line your eyes with shadow. Press a powder eyeshadow in a shimmery reddish-purple hue along the lash line, and use a smudger brush to apply it along your lower lash line.


Addiction Palette 3

4. Brush on a little shimmery shadow for sparkle. Pat a coppery, purple-pink shade eyeshadow over the center of eyelids to make your eyes pop

5. Line your eyes for definition. Run an eggplant-colored eye pencil along your upper lash line to define your eyes and make them stand out that much more.

"Perfect" precision eye liner

“Perfect” precision eye liner

6. Layer mascara onto your lashes. You can use your favorite mascara here, but here I used 3D fiber lash mascara for the ultimate definition.

7. Complement your eyes with a coordinating lip color.


The remainder photographs are examples of what one coat can do the lashes to make a difference!

IMAG05113D Fiber Lash Macara

How to get those Shimmery Eyes..

Published September 20, 2015 by sarahsmith1988

As I venture out on my quest of experimenting with different styles of makeup and following step by step guides I came across an article promising easy five minute eye shadow looks for any occasion that are easy to follow, can do quickly and still look good! In my digging I found an article based on shimmery smokey eyes, but rather then the dark classic smokey eyes with heavy blacks/grey I found a step to guide that uses lighter shades with shimmer. I would say this look is ideal for office look or casual girly day’s in town shopping. Play around with the colours a bit and you more then likely could come up with some great creations. 


eeek no make up!!

So first thing is first no make up , fresh canvas. (I don’t often post no make up photographs but I make an exception for the blog, this just gives an indication of how well or how not so well a product works!! OH and please excuse the curlers, all that is missing is a cup of coco and my tartan slippers I must say haha! But I love the curls I get in the morning with using these and its less damaging to the hair! No heat!) 


Applied Mineral Concealer & Powder Foundation

1. Apply a light shimmery shadow over your entire eyelid as the base shade. After you’ve applied your foundation and blush, use flat eyeshadow brush to apply a shimmery whitish-gold powder over your eyelid for a sheer wash of color that gives off a gold cast. “You’ll want to concentrate the shadow at the inner corner and extend it toward the center of the eyelid,”


Moodsrtuck Addiction Palette 3 “smitten”

2. Add in some bronze eyeshadow. From the point where the white shimmery shadows stops at the center of your eyelid, apply some shimmery bronze shadow from there out toward the outer corner of your eye using a contouring eyeshadow brush.


Moodstruck Addiction Palette 3 “Ecstatic”

3. Intensify your eye at the outer corners. For dimension, mix a black shadow and a deep brown shadow shade, and then apply it to the outer corners of your eyes to add drama to the look.


Moodstruck Addiction Palette 3 “Cheeky” & “Irate”

4. Line your eyes. Give yourself a sexy cat eye to complete the look, then top it with mascara!


Fiber Lash Mascara & Precision Eyeliner “Perfect”


This one is with all the lights switched on so you see the shimmer in the corner of the eyes better!

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When you say you can’t do this…

Published September 19, 2015 by sarahsmith1988 more info about a perfect opportunity that suits you! 

When you say you can’t do this because

“Your not a sales person”

Oh ok. …..

✔You shared that coke bottle with your name on it and now people everywhere want to go find their name … Sold.

✔You posted a picture of a delicious meal item from a restaurant and now all your friends want to go there and try it themselves .. Sold.

✔You went to see a film that was so good you had to post it on Facebook which made your friends take their entire families to the movie … Sold.

✔You just got the best deal at a shop that you couldn’t wait to share on social media letting everyone know of this huge discount so they could take advantage of it too… Sold.

Only difference is .. you didn’t get paid for all those referrals .

But …
Coca cola got paid
The cinema got paid
The restaurant got paid
The shop got paid

How about sharing some fantastic products in an amazing business opportunity that actually works ..and actually get paid for it!!

But your not a sales person …
Worth a think eh? 

My October 2015 best beauty picks

Published September 18, 2015 by sarahsmith1988

Again, I have been off browsing the wonderful world of the internet and magazines to find the trends for fall/winter and which ones I liked best. The one trend I have noticed a lot of is the wavy hair style. The more “sea wave” curls then the tight curl look. Hair trend seems to be long, looser waver hairstyles for a simple clean glamour look. Sure thing is the opposite of the short pixie do’s and crops! 

To get the look of loose curls:medium round brush

  • classic blow dry using a medium round brush 
  • Take thin but wide sections of the hair and spritz them with a firm hold hair spray before wrapping each section round a 1 1/4 inch curling tong. 
  • Roll each section in the same direction 
  • Brush the curls out to soften the wave 
  • Finish off with a shine serum and softer hold hair spray to keep the hair flexible. 

Now what about those nails? I personally don’t really like dark colour’s on my nails. I prefer the brighter colour’s or pastel colours. But after some digging I discovered a cooler way of a french manicure using dark colours. This style allows you to play with the dark polish trend without going completely goth. For the tips of the nail use a dark shimmery polish with a classic neutral polish for the rest of the nail. Ideal for a twist from the classic french manicure and great idea for party nails. Dark shimmery purples will work well. 

This would be my favorite so far I have seen for fall/winter 2015, that been the use of three different eye liners to really make those eyes stand out!! You can experiment with different colours and combinations to create your own custom look. For example the maybelline line express eyeliners in “Blackened sapphire” “Charcoal” and rimmel soft kohl kajal eye liner pencil in “Green shimmer” eyeliner 3

  • Use blackened sapphire across the eye line 
  • Add a layer of charcoal grey on top 
  • followed by the green shimmer pencil on top and in the inner corners 

Use a eyeliner blending tool to carefully blend in the colours and you will see a huge difference to the eyes. Remember your only limited to your own imagination with this one. So get creative and go wild. Would love to see your own creations in the comments! 

The smokey eye trend has been going on for awhile now and many still use it and yet it is looking to be a set trend this fall/winter! However I have noticed headlines such as “an easy way to do smokey eyes” “Easier way to do smokey eyes in just a couple of steps” etc.. I love the smokey eye effect and over time came up with my own combination of colours I love and use often for certain occasions. But this way I have spotted is certainly a way I am going to do it! it really is easy! Addiction palette pic

  • Take a tricolour eyeshadow palette (or a eyeshadow palette that has a good set of shades and select three colours) 
  • Apply the darkest colour (or even a dark eyeliner would work) right on top of your lash line. 
  • Let the colour merge into a slightly less dark shade on the lid.
  • Next apply the lightest colour, the one nearest to your skin tone from the top of your lid all the way up to the crease then blend all together so that the whole look seems to fade from light to dark. 

You can also add a highlighter at the inner corner of the eye for a eye widening and brightening effect. 

Liked this? Then check out for more!! 

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