It’s like been a kid in a candy store!!

Published August 27, 2015 by sarahsmith1988

This sweet assortment of all-new products has your basics covered, from a sun-kissed glow to perfectly tinted lips and eyes in the colors of your choice.

kid in a candy store collection

This amazing kit contains: 

❤ 1 stiff upper lip stain 

❤ 1 splurge cream eye shadow 

❤ 1 beach front bronzer 

❤ 1 blending buds 

❤ 1 cream shadow brush

❤ 1 shine eye make up remover cloths 

❤ 1 younique make up bag

The stiff upper lip stain is a MUST have product in every handbag, or make up collection. This is by far one of my favorite products. I have tried many lip stains out there, but none quite like this one. I love the fact it is virtually smudge proof and lasts a long time before needing to re apply. There is no irritation to my lips, it almost feels as if I am not wearing any lip products at all. They come in a variety of strong vibrant colours. 


The lip stain is very easy to apply, the shape of the wand helps the product to run smoothly along the lips without going out of the lip line. I like to team this up with moodstruck precision lip liners, this really enhances my lips. The lip stain dries within seconds allowing me to quickly apply another layer if I want an even more daring bold colour. The product dries as a matte finish, which can be made more glossy if you apply lipgloss or balm to the lips for more of a shine.  This looks great for party looks. 

Splurge cream eye shadow is a non crease or cracking eye shadow that is just purely divine! This cream eye shadow stays put all day long with out any signs of wearing. I only needed to apply a small amount to my eyelids, and it applied smoothly and quickly. I also combined it with other colours for blending to give the desired look I was after. It blends rather easily on to my eye lids, providing me with a enhanced dramatic look. I would certainly say that the cream eye shadow is party proof!! 


Beach front bronzer, is great for a natural radiant glow. I often only use a little for a subtle sun kissed glow but can add more for your own desired look. The palette comes with two shades that really do blend well together. 

beachfront bronzer and brush

Blending buds are an ideal tool to have in anyones make up set. They are ideal for a perfectly smooth application of either cream or powder foundation and can be also used for blending blushers within seconds. There is a small sponge for fine details and a larger sponge for larger area application. 

blending buds

Now, the sine make up remover cloths are just incredible, they are a bit on the pricey side but are certainly worth the investment. if you have not seen the video’s that appear to have gone crazy yet I suggest you search for them and have a look. They truly do live up to their name! They remove make up instantly with very little effort and also leave the skin feeling soft and moisturized. 

all eyes on you collection make up remover clothes

Anyone who has an interest in make up and loves make up, particularity natural based products will love this collection. It is ideal for anyone looking for a simple make up set that contains everything you need for a perfect night out or for travelling. The make up case can also fit a number of other products in so it makes it ideal travel companion. Also makes a perfect Christmas or birthday gift! 

You can purchase this collection directly by clicking >>HERE<< 

Or individually, if you have a look at the side of the page, it will show you the items available for individual purchase! 

There is also a “The love it guarantee” 


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