Make you’re own Tinted nail varnish!!

Published August 26, 2015 by sarahsmith1988

I have been trying to come up with D.I.Y products, experimenting and changing the outcome of a product as I love creativity and with my passion for cosmetics I love mixing products up with another and see what I come up with. Sometimes some of the products I mix together turn out as a fail!! But the best ones I like to share with others.

One of the best things I love playing with is clear nail varnish Vs Younique moodtruck mineral pigment!! 


I bought a batch of cheap clear nail varnish, does not have to be the expensive brands. Just nice and cheap. Ideally I get these from ebay, as I can buy them in bulk, so if I dont like the out come of colour i can just scrap it.

I then choose a colour of younique mineral pigments, in this case I chose “heavenly” it is a lovely deep sea blue.


I then grab a sheet of paper and fold the paper in half creating a crease I tap a little bit of the mineral pigment onto the crease of the paper, and gently tap the product into the clear nail varnish! place the lid and give the varnish a good shake to combine the mineral pigments together. If I want more colour added I just add some more.

The results:



Younique mineral pigments blend fairly quick and easy into the nail varnish, creating this lovely shimmery nail varnish. When applied it leaves a lovely shimmer with a hint of blue (it is a tinted colour, so it is not strong)

Ideal for just a hint of colour for a more natural look. Leaves the nails shimmery and shiny


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