It’s time to Pucker Up!!

Published August 26, 2015 by sarahsmith1988

The next collection is “Pucker up” This collection contains all you need to make your lips completely stunning in every way. Make them vibrant and stand out from the crowd. I find this collection ideal for a night out!

You can purchase this collection directly by clicking >>HERE<< 

Pucker up collection:

❤ 2 stiff upper lip lip stain’s

❤ 2 luctative lip gloss

❤ 2 moodstruck precision pencils

❤ 1 precision pencil sharpner

❤ 1 younique make up bag

What do I love about the collection products??

First, I must mention the stiff upper lip, this is a must have product in every make up collection. This was amoungst one of the first products I tried and tested and instanly fell in love and now wear it often.

❤ Long lasting

❤ Smudge proof

❤ one application lasts all day

❤ quick application, no mess, no hassle

❤ Can apply more layers for a more dramtic look

The product also dries within seconds and provides a matte appearance, sometimes I use a clear gloss over the lipstain for a more of a shine look rather then a matte.

The lucrative lipgloss is also another of my favorite lip products, I have used many lipglosses and not found one like this! The colour is very bold, has a lot of colour pigment in the gloss and I love the shape of the wand, as it is designed for easy application. Also has the added bonus of a mirror on the side of the gloss so you can quick apply anywhere.

❤ long lasting product

❤ Does not irritate my lips

❤ very strong in colour

❤ non sticky

❤ applys smoothly and hassle free

Moodstruck precision pencils are ideal for creating those dramatic eyes and lines. Each colour is very bold and makes a statement!! Your eyes literally just stand out a mile!!

❤ long lasting

❤ creamy

❤ apply nice and easy

The precision pencil sharpener is not like many other brands as the sharpener sharpens the pencils in a rounded tip rather then a sharp point.  Features a built-in shavings catcher and purple cleaning wand.

pencil sharpener


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