What if I could fix one of your BIGGEST problems?

Published August 25, 2015 by sarahsmith1988

❤ Ever wished you had more money to help pay the bills?

❤ Wished you had extra cash to spend on clothes or make up? 

❤ Ever wondered if there is something more to your life? 

❤ Stuck in a dull job and wished for something a little more exciting to do? 

Well I can solve all those problems, plus more!! 

Please feel free to email me, for more information or just a friendly chat about products I am more then happy to assist you: sarahcarey1988@yahoo.co.uk

I saw a similar advertisement to this, in fact more then once and my thoughts were “scam, probably wouldn’t get anything from it” So I avoided it and never really thought about it till I spoke to a friend who I had not spoken to in awhile, she knew someone that worked from home owning her own business and making quite a bit of profit from it. So I asked for her details and I got in touch after a lengthy chat. I gave it some thought and within the hour I signed up to younique to become a presenter. I love makeup and have a desire to help others feel confident and glowing. So what better opportunity then this! I get to sell makeup and beauty products to my friends, family and online whilst sat in the comfort of my own home.  


My kit arrived, and I was ready to go! I soon received an order, and was answering any questions anyone had. I set up a facebook page, blog and then went on to build my own website. (I was provided with my very own business website, with all the tools I needed to get going) But the excitement and the rewards I was earning inspired me to get a bit more creative and design my own website with photo’s, information on products and reviews. I absolutely love my job, and I can sit at home with my two children (Currently pregnant Due October) without no stress. When the children are at school I can get to work curled up in my pj’s if I want and get the laptop and start working. I can take a break when I want and go for a walk. I can work what ever hours I choose to do! 

What is best about joining younique, was the new people I met online, the group training has been brilliant and met some lovely ladies who also share my passion. I was well out of my comfort zone joining younique and running my own business. I had no experience in the field, but the group was there to support me and I learnt so much about promoting products and how to boost my sales. 

I can certainly say this journey so far has wonderful. At first I was driven by the income, but soon it became more then that it became a hobby I enjoy so much. 

I would love to take on some like minded, desirable, passionate and motivational women to join me in my success, so I can show you how great this opportunity is!! 

Please feel free to email me, for more information or just a friendly chat about products I am more then happy to assist you: sarahcarey1988@yahoo.co.uk 


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