Step By Step Guide, Step One – skin care!!

Published August 25, 2015 by sarahsmith1988
Each day I will be writting a step by step guide based on makeup and skin care!
You can prchase any products you like and see, just by simply clicking on my >>HERE<< 
It is important to have a good skin care routine, as your skin acts as a barrier against infections. Skin that is healthy and moist provides you with a strong defense against damaging exterior conditions. If you do not look after your skin properly it can become prone to dryness, cracking, itchiness, redness, irritation and can develop higher odds of infection.
This is why I love younique products, they contain natural ingredients and are high in the essential vitamins the skin needs to remain mositurized and soft.
Younique illuminate clear/clean facial cleanser:
❤ These were developed together, both having their unique benefits
❤ Benefit men and women
❤ Contains key ingredients, Aloe Vera, Licorise root and Chrysanthemum
❤ Oil free
❤ Very gentle on the skin
❤ Clear cleanser is for Oily skin Clean cleanser is for dry/normal skin
The importance of face/eye primers are:
❤ Smoother appearnce, foundations can sometimes put emphasis on fine lines and wrinkles a primer will settle in the creases, keeping skin moisturized and allowing the foundation to sit nicely on the skin for a smoother apperance.
❤ Reduces redness, a primer will even out the skin tones
❤ Seals pores
❤ Anti aging, leaves the skin apperaing more youthful
❤ Make up stays put longer, primer helps decrease sweating through the pores and acts as a natural shield from dust, water and debris that may make up wear quicker.
❤ Lessens the appearence of acne, although does not treat acne, it helps conceal it better.
Younique Moodstruck Glourious face and eye primer:
❤ Contains elastin, which is a water binding agent helping the skin to retain moisture
❤ Contains Dimethicone leaving a silky soft finish
❤ Vitamin E, anti-oxident ingredient, slowing the process of aging and protects skin from the suns rays.
Younique Daily Divine Moisturizer:
❤ non greasy
❤ lasts for months
❤ product works instantly
❤ No unnatural ingredients
❤ helps with dryness
❤ no oily feel
❤ leaves skin feeling soft
Divine moisturizer can help with:
❤ stretch marks
❤ dark circles
❤ puffy eyes
❤ dry skin
❤ wrinkles
❤ Acne
❤ Eczema
❤ Scarring
❤ Keratosis Pilaris
❤ Rosacea
❤ Psoriasis

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