All Eyes On YOU!…..

Published August 25, 2015 by sarahsmith1988

I am going to highlight the best features and qualities of younique’s collections this week, the benefits and use of each product included and throw in a few handy tips to apply to get the best out of the products. 

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Today’s collection is All Eyes On You: All eyes on you collection

❤ Splurge Cream Eyeshadow 

❤ 2 Moodstruck mineral Pigment Powder 

❤ 3D Fiber Lash Mascara 

❤ Liner/shader brush

❤ Shine Eye Make Up Remover Clothes 

❤ Uplift Eye Serum 

❤ Cream Shadow Brush 

❤ 2 Moodstruck Precision Eye Pencil Liners 

❤ Younique Make Up Bag 

These products are carefully selected and put together to really make your eyes stand out from the crowd and look truly amazing in every way and every angle. 

What I love about Splurge Cream Eye Shadow: Splurge minerals

  • Only a small amount is needed, which makes the product last a long time. 
  • The eye shadow glides smoothly across the eyes for very easy application 
  • You can add more layers or different colours to get the desired look you want to achieve easily. 
  • It lasts 12hrs plus! 
  • No creasing or cracking throughout the day so you get the perfect look all day long without re applying! 

What I love about moodstruck mineral powders:Eye pigment packaging

  • They are 100% natural 
  • Comes with a sifter, so the product remains neat and clean
  • Rich in colour 
  • little goes a long way
  • Blends smoothly with other products such as lotions, mascara, water. 
  • Can create own make up shades, tinted moisturizers, temp hair streaks, tinted nail polish, tinted lipgloss, eyeliner etc.. (I will create an article about creating own ideas with moodstruck mineral pigments in the future)

What I love about 3D fiber lash mascara:All eyes on you collection mascara

  • Easy to use
  • Deep rich colour 
  • Conical shaped applicator 
  • Narrow tip to reach the lashes in the corner of eyes
  • Ideal foundation 
  • Coats easily 
  • Separates lashes, so fibers coat more easily 
  • Need fewer coats
  • 400% more volume then standard mascara with one coat
  • Ophthalmologic tested and approved 

What I love about the liner/shader brush: duel tipped brush

  • Blends soft areas for a diffused and blended finish 
  • Ideal for below the brow and inner eye for blending colours 
  • Liner creates smooth even lines
  • can use the liner side wet with mineral powders to create a creamy vibrant eyeliner paste that will define the eyes. 
  • inner high quality copper ferrule so the brush will not rust. 

What I love about shine eye make up remover clothes: all eyes on you collection make up remover clothes

  • Leaves skin feeling soft and moisturized 
  • Removes make up easily 
  • No irritation to the skin 
  • caontains sunflower, olive, jojaba oils, vitamin E and rosemary 

What I love about uplift eye serum: all eyes on you collection eye serum

  • Rich in Vitamins 
  • Replenishes, moisturizers and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles  
  • 1/2 drops needed only 
  • gets to work within 2/4 weeks 

What I love about cream shadow brush: cream eyeshadow brush

  • soft 
  • Has tightly packed bristles 
  • Applies creaseless application 
  • Smooth blending 

What I love about precision pencil eye liners:all eyes on you collection lip

  • Bright colour range 
  • Creamy texture 
  • Stays put all day long can use a number of strokes to provide the desired density of colour 

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