The three for me bundle… Limited time

Published August 24, 2015 by sarahsmith1988

This a bundle I have to shout out about as it only has a limited time span before it vanishes from the stock! This product is no longer available to buy from the 1st of September To order click >>>HERE<<<

I will be more then happy to help with any questions you may have on any of the products. 

This is the three for me kudos containing: 

❤ beach front bronzer (shade of choice)3 for me bundle Aug 2015

❤ Precision eye pencil (colour of choice) 

❤ EXCLUSIVE opulence lipstick in “stuck-up”

Beachfront Bronzer: 

❤ This is a duet of two bronzing powders baked on terracotta tiles and rich in safflower, aloe and gingko. 

❤ Available in 3 shades, Sunset, Hermosa and Malibu

❤ Half matte and half shimmer  

❤ Leaves a subtle, sun kissed and golden glow appearance.beachfront bronzer shades

beachfront bronzer and brush

Precision Eye pencil: 

❤ creamy product

❤ easily applied, and seems to glide nicely along the eye line. 

❤ creates a bold, strong colour 

❤ long lastingmood per pencils BLACK

eye pencil colour chart

EXCLUSIVE Opulence lipstick in “stuck up”:

❤ Long wearing

❤ buttery soft, smoothly glides over the lips

❤ Provides a glowing modern look 

❤ Infused with crushed ruby gem stones

❤ No fussy feathering or bleeding 

❤ Stays vibrant Stuck Up lipstick


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