Ask yourself just one thing question today…..

Published August 24, 2015 by sarahsmith1988 

What do I love about myself? 

That’s it, just one simple question or is it? 

This article is completely off my usual articles which are all based around Younique’s products and working from home. The reason why I have steered away and put my focus into this question is because I believe there is not many out there that pick out the best part’s of themselves. I hold my hands up, I am also guilty of standing in front of the mirror and pointing out all my flaws and weaknesses. But I want you to go deeper then the visual flaws you think you may have and think about what you like about you as a person.

Today, in society we are seeing more and more articles and adverts focused on body image and dieting. My social media page is packed with people selling dieting pills and diet shakes. Some offer plans that are just completely shocking, where you’re daily calorie intake is only 800!! 

Before I jump on the wagon of crash diets, as I want to be completely honest with you, I do not in any way want to sound hypocritical, so let me tell you my story, and you may understand a little more of why I am writing this type of article today.

“Back in 2013 I had giving birth to my second child and I was over weight I weighed 16 stone. I thought for my health’s sake I will eat healthy, as I was eating alot of high fat and sugar foods all the time and seemed to be no limit or control of my eating. So I took control and ate right, exercised right. I did it right! The weight came off and the scale numbers were going down. But I found my weight goals were not low enough and I kept lowering my target and when I reached it I was lowering it again. I went on crash diets, which lead to not eating at all. I was living in hell. Every bit of food that passed my lips I would have to of worked off ten times over to make sure it was burnt off. My days were focused on nothing but food, and everyone around me suffered. My world was falling apart and as my weight dropped so did my health. I felt depressed, hopeless and often cried at night when no one was up, no one knew my dark secret. I was consuming high amounts of caffeine pills to get me through a workout. I stopped putting make up on, I stopped making an effort. I was literally in a place where I wanted to end it. I went to seek help, but it was never put in place. It seemed to of been forgotten about and ignored no matter how many times I mentioned I have a problem with food. So I had to put matters into my own hands. I had to self help. I read articles about self esteem, I researched self help. I went on recovery forums. Slowly I started to over come the fear. I am now a healthy weight. I have put on weight since 2013/14 I am not underweight nor over weight, and I still have moments where I think I am heading for a relapse. But I learnt methods of recognizing patterns and learnt to control them. I also open up a bit more to people around me so that I have support there. 

So, yes I have done crash diets, and other unhealthy habits, but now I concentrate and focus on self esteem and confidence, and eating right. This is why I am writing this article. I do not want anyone else out there to think so little of themselves, or think they are not beautiful, or think their is something wrong with them. As this is not true. There is nothing wrong with you!” 

We have to learn to love ourselves, and be kind. Other wise things will just pile up on top of you! Most advertising in magazines are editing via photoshop, or other means of photo enhancing software. Also photoshop is used to make a model appear thinner, and instantly banishing all their “flaws” So when we open up an advert, this is rarely the true un touched image, and it is wrong. These adverts are showing unrealistic images of perfection. No one is perfect, without a single “flaw” (notice how I use speech marks around the word “flaw” this is because everyone has an imperfection either way, a spot, a birth mark it can be anything! these are not flaws they are just facts of life. We all get them) 

So forget magazines, and forget other people. Concentrate on yourself. Concentrate on what you love about yourself and dont compare yourself with anyone else. Be yourself! As everyone else is taken!! Do the things you want to do in life, do what makes you happy. Do what makes you feel confident!!

What makes me confident is a great skin care routine, eating healthy and applying make-up this is what I love doing, I love experimenting with colours and been different and daring with eye shadow and lipstick. Take a step out of your comfort zone! 

Find out what type of products I use click HERE 

I want you to pick 3 things you love about yourself visually and 3 things you love about yourself as a person and comment them, lets share with each other what we love about ourselves!! 


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