My Top 3 Picks …..

Published August 22, 2015 by sarahsmith1988 
So I am just heading into my 3rd week as a younique presenter and as I said before I am loving my new found journey with Younique. I love passing all this information on to others and sharing my journey with you all about my life as a presenter with Younique, the fantastic rewards and the amazing products.
I started off first with purchasing the products. It really did not take me long to fall in love with them and join as a representivte. I can clearly say this is one Job I love doing. All the blooging, sharing and excitiment is just wonderful.
So, back to the title, “My top 3 picks”
This was a very hard choice for me as I would of put all of the products in my top list. But I thought I would challenge myself a little and only give a limit of 3 products that I could possibly not live without (Slightly dramatic I know, but who could possibly live without these 3 products *wink wink*
My first prouct choice is “Divine Daily Moisturizer”
This product really chose it’s name well as it is just pure Divine, it is absoloutely amazing and does wonders for my skin. I have always had a problem with moisturizers, I have combination skin type so some patches are oily and other patches are dry, my nose suffers most with oil and my forehead tends to be rather dry. With trying and testing other younique products which have been fantastic I thought I would give the moisturizer ago.
The key benefits:
❤ Non greasy
❤ Works instantly
❤ suits all skin types
❤ airless pump
The airless pump feature is great as the pump means the natural products is less lilely to degrade due to exposure to the air, therefore fewer additives and perservitives are added, keeping it as natural as possible. As lets face it, we dont want to be putting nasty chemicals on our skin that can do more damage then good.
The only draw back to the product’s pump is it can take a lot of pumps before the product dispenses, but once it has the product then works fine afterwards. Just remember to keep the product up right once arrived to prevent any more air bubbles forming.
Divine moisturizer also has added benefits, and can help with:
❤ stretch marks
❤ dark circles
❤ puffy eyes
❤ dry skin
❤ wrinkles
❤ acne
❤ eczema
❤ scarring
❤ keratosis pilaris
❤ rosecea
❤ psoriasis
You can save £££ with the “radient beauty collection”

My next top pick is Younique stiff upper lip:
I adore this product, it truly is amazing and lasts a long time. kiss proof, smudge proof, perfect. You can apply layers ( I advise you wait for the product to dry before applying another layer) to create a bolder more vibrant colour. Or you can use a little by scraping some of the product off then apply to lips for a more gentle tone in colour. It is not time consuming to apply. Just a few even sweeps across your lips and you are ready to go as the product dries within seconds. It goes from wet to matte in seconds! If you dont like the matte look just apply some clear lip gloss over your lips and you get a fantastic glossy finish.
Benefits of stiff upper lip:
❤ dries fast
❤ long lasting
❤ vibrant colour
❤ smudge proof
❤ quick applying
…. and my final top pick has to be 3D fiber plus mascara!!
Just wow wow wow wow and wow!!
this was the first product I tried with younique that made me fall instantly in love with the products. I was very skeptical at first, as many would be when you hear about an amazing products that can extend eyelashes, we have heard it so many times, tried them then binned them. But this product really does live up to its name and promises. I first tried with one coat and that was enough to instantly see amazing results. I then went daring and tried 3/4 coats and each time was like wow!! How big can they go haha.
Benefits of 3D fiber plus mascara:
❤ easy to apply
❤ stay put all day long
❤ very easy to remove
❤ mess free
❤ provides very long lashes
❤ natural ingredients

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