Must have Beauty tools for ultimate coverage…

Published August 22, 2015 by sarahsmith1988 << buy products, check out the latest competition!!

Have you tried Younique’s brushes yet? If not I would certainly invest in some. Each brush comes with an insert that tells you purpose of each brush and great tips to get the most out of your brushes. Every brush has inner high quality copper ferrule, so the brushes will not rust, making them perfect for using wet or dry, and shall last life time. The brushes are also cruelty free. brush set

Complete brush set:

Save 10% buying the complete brush set or but both face and eye brush set and save over 10% The complete brush set also comes in a round younique black case to store all the
brushes in. Keeping them organised and free from dust.

Moodstruck face brush set: 

These are perfect for applying and blending mineral based products and come in a set of four professional quality brushes each with a special purpose. The brushes can also be used for applying foundations. They are eye brush setideal for all over the face application. The blusher brush and powder puff are made of luxury soft capra animal hair and the foundation brush is made from high quality synthetic fibers.

Duel tipped liner/ shader brush: 

A great feature of the brush is that it is double ended, the shader side blends with the use of mineral pigments and moves fluidly and easily for a diffused and blended finish. The shader side is great for below the brow, inner tear ducy and blending colours, where as the liner side of the brush creates smooth even lines, using this side wet with mineral shadows will create a creamy liner paste which will really define the eyes. duel tipped brush

Foundation Brush: 

Applys foundation amazingly and smoothly to your skin. This brush makes foundation appear flawless.

foundation brush

Concealer Brush: 

Blends easily, even and smoothly to the face, around eyes and blemishes. The fibers are non-absorptive to ensure a light application. Using this brush helps concealer to last longer. The tapered and tightly packed hair fit the contours of eyes and blemishes for ideal coverage. concealer brush

Blusher brush: 

Provides precise placement of colour defining the cheekbones. With the slanted shape this helps provide a precise placement of colour due to absorbent qualities. The brush really gives a truly sculpted appearance. blusher brush

Powder puff brush: 

Is large and absorbent and very soft which allows for even product distribution. The brush is ideal fro applying loose powders to the skin providing an even coverage of powder foundations, bronzers and concealers.

powder brush

Deluxe Eye brush: 

Covers the entire eye lid for an even application of colour giving a quick, strong application of colour. Perfect for applying a solid base of colour prior to using the other two brushes.blusher brush deluxe brush

Creates a precise, deliberate application of colour, using just the tip of the brush to apply the colour with a few strokes back and forth in the upper crease or around the eyes for a precise colour.


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