Little known ways to get fabulous eyes with little effort by just changing one product….

Published August 21, 2015 by sarahsmith1988

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I love experimenting with make-up. I used to apply make up on my dolls as a child and eventually myself. Most of us are probably familiar with this the little pallets of children’s “toy” make up we used to get, usually came with a large head with long hair you could style and put make up on. Was probably about the age of 15 when I really got into make up. Was not till now I decided to take that up a level and sell makeup, as well as enjoying the benefits of trying and testing products myself, and passing on the amazing benefits to my friends and family. 

I have recently tried another product of younique’s and that is splurge cream eyeshadow. I have tried many cream eyeshadows and majority of them went in the bin!! They seemed to gather up in the crease of my eye lid as the day went on and was no longer visible. After trying Younique’s products and all of them been fantastic, I decided to purchase some and review them. The results were AMAZING!! Splurge minerals

❤ Shimmery, providing a perfect sparkly to my eyes. 

❤ applied smoothly and easy without any hassle 

❤ Lasted all day long with no creasing in site!! 

For an enhanced experience I used Younique glorious face and eye primer, creating a smoother base. The cream eyeshadow brush was a bonus and perfectly designed, the brush picked up enough of the product for an even application. The brush glides easily over the eye lids leaving a even layer quickly with little effort. The consistency of the splurge cream eyeshadow is almost like a mousse, light and not heavy.  



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