All about today’s look a MUST have product…

Published August 20, 2015 by sarahsmith1988


Today I woke up and prepared my skin with my usual younique divine moisturizer. I applied this evenly on my face and neck and the went on to create my hair style for the day. 

Once I allowed the moisturizer time to soak into my skin and do it’s job I then completed my make up. But the one product I want to highlight is younique’s stiff upper lip stain. I am not even sure there is a word to describe how amazing this product is. (This is why I love my job so much! I am in my element right now with trying and testing all the products and so far all have just been totally fantastic!!)

The lip stain is available in 7 different shades

stiff upper lip chart

  • Shy, this is the lightest shade, which is a nice light pink
  • Sappy, Shade up from Shy making it a perfect daily colour. 
  • Skittish, bright, fun and perfect for Spring, this colour suits both pale and tanned skin tones. 
  • Saucy, red in colour
  • Sultry, cranberry colour 
  • Sleek, brown/plum colour 
  • Savy, purple colour 

Why you need Younique’s stiff upper lip in YOUR life right now!!!

❤ You can kiss endlessly, smooch-proof

❤ Long lasting 

❤ You can drink from a glass without leaving a mark on the glass

❤ No reapplying 

❤ Can apply more coats for a more vibrant and dramatic colour 


Helpful tips to consider: 

* For dry chapped lips use a toothbrush to exfoliate the skin as you want the lips to be smooth as possible to avoid patchy coverage. 

* Make sure lip stain is DRY before applying another coat. 

* If you do not like the matte finish look then you can apply a clear lip gloss or balm over the top to give the lips a bit of a shine. 

* Apply on bare lips, no balm or residue before applying. This will make the product go on even and dry nicely. 


How to remove the lip stain: 

Apply some petrolum jelly or chap stick and allow a few minutes then wipe off, alternatively you can use a make up remover cloth or eye make up remover pad. 

Would like to state with rubbing, as you may have to rub a little to remove the lipstain off is to nourish the lips with lip balm afterwards to prevent damage to the lips. 



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