Now you can get GREAT CONFIDENCE just by…..

Published August 18, 2015 by sarahsmith1988

Changing your make-up brand and/or doing something outside the box that you can work around your current job or lifestyle 🙂 

Yes just as simple as that. 🙂 

I first heard of younique when I was browising my facebook newsfeed and I came across a post asking for recommendations for a mascara that would define their lashes and make them look longer. A lady then commented “I swear by youniques fiber lashes” I had never heard of fiber lashes before which got me pondering, so I did some looking online and made a purchase. I was, I must admit skeptical at first of the product working, there is a lot of mascara’s out there in the market but not really living up to their claims and promises. When the mascara arrived I tried it out and I was AMAZED by how much volume and length was instantly added by just one coat!! This was when i fell in love with younique. I was HUNGRY for more products to try. This is what embarked me on my journey with starting as a younique presenter. I wanted to SHARE with everyone just how much younique has changed my out look in just a very short space of time. (6 days to be exact) 

When I signed up to younique I recieved a presenter kit, just like below:


It comes with enough fantastic products to try and really get to know younique’s products. After a few days experimenting with the products I fell in love with the products. I had many compliments when out and about of how I seemed to be “glowing” friends would comment on my skin and often ask what I use. I was in my ELEMENT!! I couldn’t wait to get started (I had a delay in starting as my laptop had to be in for repair) So in the meantime I was just having fun experimenting with the products and researching what I needed to know about starting my business with younique. 

Sooooo barely a week in my new journey, I can say so much has changed, and surprisingly in such a short space of time. Evenings are no longer filled with sitting about in front of the TV or pondering about wondering what to do. I am now fully focused in the business and making new friends in the process. I join in live video training sessions ((optional of course)) and have a laugh whilst sharing make-up ideas and marketing tips. I now research marketing and set myself small targets each day. They don’t have to be long list’s just 4 targets to complete that will help grow your business. By doing the research and really putting the effort in I made my first sales. Which I got paid within 3 hours 🙂 the money went into my business account ready to be spent eeeeek!! 

But, what really made the difference for me was my CONFIDENCE. Confidence was something I lacked in. I suffer from depression and some days are just unbearable for me. I knew I needed to do something to help myself but I could not get motivated. With been a younique presenter it really gave me a focus point, it was knowing each day I had small tasks to complete and this gave me the starting point to break away from been shy and quiet and really get out there. 


(lucrative lipgloss in lovestruck)

It is great when I go outside and friends/family comment on how well I am looking and how “radiant” my skin looks. With feeling confident on the outside by changing my make up brand to younique and the added bonus of compliments it gave me the MOTIVATION I needed to get out there more often, instead of been in doors. It has been a real mood booster and does give that extra push in the right direction to work hard at this.



If you require ANY INFORMATION on becoming a presenter or on the products please feel free to send me an email at:

I shall look forward to hearing from you 🙂 xoxox


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