18 reason why YOU should host a ONLINE virtual party…

Published August 18, 2015 by sarahsmith1988

No cleaning is required: 

The best point about a virtual party is that no cleaning is involved, a virtual party is all via Facebook and requires no effort at all for tidying up. So no daunting task at the end. Bonus 

Your on Facebook any way 😉 

Come on admit it 😛 you will be on Facebook catching up at the end of the day with all you’re friends updates and photo’s so why not host a party then, best of both worlds, can check you’re news feed whilst earning fantastic rewards to. 

No need for your bra!!!

Yep, that’s right, I love been comfortable so nothing beats having my feet up, a glass of wine, been in my PJ’S and holding an event on facebook where I can see my friends, catch up PLUS earn fantastic rewards in the process.

 No need to shower 😀 

On those evenings when I just can not be bothered to make such a huge effort and go out, and just want to sit in and relax I can combine the two together and have both the gossip and the glass of bubbly whilst having a good laugh with some good company! perfect and what else is a bonus I can have my soaps on in the back round. 

You can pop in and out from the party 

Thats right! Just state you will be right back, and take a break to re fill glass or nip to the loo. This is more of a benefit for the parties you hold when your in the business of direct sales and are required to do face to face parties. Although I am in direct sales, we offer the bonus of virtual parties 😀 so you can just leave and it does not really matter about been overall professional as your in the company of your friends and family etc.. 

No cooking required 

No party nibbles needed to be prepared, no fuss or stress spending hours in the kitchen. No worrying if there will be enough food to go around and no expenditure to you buying party foods

You can wear your snuggie without shame haha

Yep I raise my hand, I am highly guilty, I owe one! But you have to admit it is really comfortable, especially on chilly days. So the best part of virtual parties is a snuggie 

It costs you NOTHING 

Yipee that is right costs you sweet nothing and you get rewards for hosting, 

Earn FREE stuff

Just by hosting a party the more you sell the more you earn in your rewards. 

It’s fun to do 

Fun to catch up! Fun to watch those rewards going up as you and your friends participate

 Catch up with old friends 

As well as inviting your current friends, you can invite you’re old friends along to 

You don’t need a sitter 

I myself have 2 children so finding a sitter especially on a weekend is hard, due to many others having the same idea of going out at the weekend or is busy on the evening due to been at work all day, so they themselves like to relax at home. This is a perfect way to party whilst your children sleep soundly in bed. You can leave the party and get up when required so you can attend to them if needed 🙂

No excuse for weather cancellations 

Nothing is worse then all plans been cancelled due to the weather, as the weather is something we can not predict. So no matter the weather come rain, wind, hail, snow!! the party does not need to be cancelled 

No need to do your hair 

Just tie it back! and hey presto you are ready to go and party! Simple and pain free.. 

Go shopping, without going out 

Who does not like shopping?? I LOOOOVE shopping and even more so online in the comfort of my own home, I can also browse the shop online and discuss with my friends what to buy and what they think of the colours I am choosing etc.. It really is something to consider 

Friends from all over the country can join 

How cool is that?? You’re sat at home in the not so sunny UK 😛 whilst your friend sat in sunny Spain can join as all is required is a internet connection. (And of course a laptop/computer/tablet) 

It is ideal for everyone 

Not everyone can make it out to a party and often tied to their own commitments, so this perfect virtual party is what is needed. They can join in what ever time to, does not matter if they are late 🙂 win win 

people LOVE our products 

That is right, many many people love our products, they are all high quality and natural. Helping to boost confidence and gives you the WOW factor!!!

If you are interested in finding out more about virtual parties and/or products I sell please feel free to

Send me an email @ sarahcarey1988@yahoo.co.uk 


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