What everyone ought to kow about Younique Lurcative Lip Gloss…

Published August 16, 2015 by sarahsmith1988


First of all I would like to mention that these glosses are not like any other lip glosses in terms of colour density and application. The colour when applied was vibrant and visible, with a hint of shimmer making my lips stand out and shine. I will mention more about application and colour further on.

When I first received the product my eyes were drawn to its packaging. The colour (lovesick) was gorgeous! very bright and rich.


I also noticed there was a mirror on the side of the gloss tube, making this a handy tool when out and about for quick re application if needed.

On opening the gloss I was pleased to notice that the wand was not smothered in the product making application easier, mess free and gave a very even coverage. The wand its self had a very good shape, giving extra ease when applying.


What I also noticed when wearing the gloss, the product was not “sticky” on leaving the house on a fairly windy day my hair did not stick to my lips!! The product also, was long lasting and did not lose colour for some time.

These are my reasons why I love Younique Lucrative Lip Gloss

  • they are natural based IMAG0246
  • non-sticky
  • long lasting
  • perfect colour density
  • shiny, perfect look
  • Creamy based
  • love the tube with mirror feature
  • do not irritate my lips
  • fab colour selection

Lucrative lipgloss colour chart 2Lucrative lipgloss

Lucrative Lip Gloss Colours ((buy now))


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