The secret of looking flawless…

Published August 16, 2015 by sarahsmith1988

I am currently running a “Younique virtual party” ( Where each day has a unique theme and today is the fabulous Eye Pigments. These are truly remarkable, stay put all day long eye pigment with wild, bold and eccentric colours. They 100% natural, mineral based consisting of finely crushed minerals that bond to the skin offering a long lasting, sweat proof coverage, perfect for partying all night long!! There are no unnecessary filler ingredients such as talc. Eye pigment can be applied wet, (I personally recommend applying wet) As it leaves a dramatic impact of colour, applying dry for a blending of colour gives a softer look. The possibilities are endless as you tap into your “inner mood” for the day.

mineral eyeshadow

For optimal results first apply Younique’s Glorious Face and Eye Primer all over you face prior to using mineral pigment eyeshadows.

face and eye primer

Play up your eyes:

Make the most of your natural eye colour. For green or hazel eyes, try shadows and liners in the purple family. Neutral shadows make green eyes pop. Deep navy and other blues make blue eyes brighter. Brown eyed girls can wear just about any hue, and neutrals with red and brown under tones really enhance darker eyes.

Eye pigment packaging

Shimmer at ANY age:

sheer, delicate, sparkle is ageless!! it brightens your eyes and adds texture to your eye make-up. Just remember to moisturize your lids before applying, and stay away from shadows that too metallic.


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