Who else want’s voluminous eyelashes WITHOUT the mess of false lashes???

Published August 15, 2015 by sarahsmith1988



Like many other women out there I have tried and tested various mascara’s that have promised benefits such as “volume” “length” “definition” Some have also claimed to give the dramatic false lash look. I have discovered that the only way I could get the dramatic eyelash look was to apply false eyelashes. Applying false eyelashes became a bit of a headache for me due to the messy adhesive. I also found false lashes difficult to apply correctly and sometimes giving to much of a super dramatic look. Removal of false eyelashes could sometimes be difficult after a long evening out. Often I pulled at my own lash hairs which could be uncomfortable.

I soon discovered a solution to my problemfeatures of 3D Younique 3D fiber lashes+ This is the very mascara that lead me to starting my journey as a younique presenter. I was highly impressed with the product, that I wanted to share and inspire others.

So what is the big hype?

Younique 3D fiber lashes+ was

  • Easy to apply
  • had a deep rich colour
  • coats easy
  • 400% average volume enhancement results
  • ophthalmologic tested and approved
  • added benefit of uplift eye serum
  • squalane, vitamins E&C, enzymes and emollients
  • Nourishes and conditions the lashes

These are my personal results with just one coat:




IMAG0236_1[1] IMAG0234_1[1]

After experimenting with the mascara and some research I learnt a few tips and tricks to get the best out of the 3D fiber lashes+

  • The insert says apply over regular mascara, I personally decided not to use a regular mascara underneath as it tended to clump a bit more, which gave a uneven appearance. But if you must use a regular mascara underneath I would highly recommend using a lengthening mascara and not a thickening)
  • Careful not to use to much fibers/gel when applying. When using the gel for the first time, a lot can get on the lash brush, I recommend scraping a bit off. Build up the layers, rather then attempting to achieve the volume and length in one coat.
  • Let the fibers set long enough, so they have time to stick to the gel, not allowing this time the fibers will stick to the wand.
  • Use method
  • 1 GEL EYE 1
  • 2 GEL EYE 2
  • 3 FIBERS EYE 1
  • 4 FIBERS EYE 2
  • 5 GEL EYE 1 (TO SET)
  • 6 GEL EYE 2 (TO SET)

I also find useful a lash comb to seperate the lashes. Which you can find here:



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