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Published August 15, 2015 by sarahsmith1988


My name is Sarah and I have just embarked on a new and exciting journey as a younique presenter. I am passionate about make-up and making others feel confident both inside and outside. No matter what shape or size, everyone has the ability to shine and show the world what they have got!

I came on board with younique as a presenter when i first discovered the product 3D fiber lashes+ I fell in love with this product after the first application, as it lived to all its promises. The highly voluminous eyelashes and definition was what won me over as I could say goodbye to false eye lashes. The mascara was also really easy to remove with make-up remover.

After the discovery of this product I then decided to become a presenter so I could experiment with more of their products and share them with everyone, plus, gained many other benefits. I got a kit with products i could use myself presented in a lovely case, my own personal business website, plus online training. When my first sale went through I got paid my commission instantly.

This is certainly a job I can get excited about. If you are interested in becoming a presenter follow link, I will be more then happy to help with more information:



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